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  1. Without an actual GPA/LSAT there is not much help anyone can give you here. I have received a ton of great advice from some amazing members on this forum over the last year because I accepted my situation for what it was and let people help me. Law school admission are competitive enough that it mostly comes down to your GPA and LSAT (obviously there are some exceptions). Thus, in order to truly allow members to help you, you have to leave your ego at the door and let us know your stats. "Not high enough" and "pretty decent" means nothing to any of us. Here is some anecdotal advice: My cGPA was terrible after my first undergrad (2.8). I ended up completing a whole new degree which took 3 years, and I graduated with a 3.8. I had to bet on myself 3 years ago and commit to the goals I set. I was in a really bad place 3 years ago and I felt like I wasted a ton of time and was really behind compared to my peers. I accepted that I had a massive road ahead of me, but I knew what I wanted and I did whatever I had to do to achieve it. The LSAT was also brutal experience - I spent an entire summer studying for it, but I eventually got a decent enough score to receive an offer and 2 waitlists in Ontario this year. Moral of the story is this: If you know what you want to achieve and truly believe, you will be content with making the necessary sacrifices. If you are not 100% content with studying in the UK, and you truly want to get into a Canadian school, I would either find a way to raise your GPA or invest more into crushing the LSAT. Either of these paths will take a ton of time and effort, but it will all be worth it when you finally get an offer. I was extremely close to giving up on law school completely 3 years ago, but now I know it was all worth it, and I would make those sacrifices all over again if I had to.
  2. Hi everyone, Just firmly accepted my offer last week and started to do some research about the campus and the city. I figured I should make a post for those who are beginning 1L in September. Turns out that the Ron W. Ianni Law building will be under construction as of January 2021 for 18-24 months. This means that the class of 2023 wont have dedicated spaces for classes or legal research until the renovations are complete. Renovations will be completed on the entire building, including the law library. I have worked in construction all my life and I know that these timelines are rarely met, so my best guess is that the class of 2023 will be displaced from 1L-3L. Most recent update from the Dean of Law: May 25, 2020. "The COVID-19 pandemic has posed significant challenges to all aspects of our University’s operations, including planning for the Transforming Windsor Law (TWL) building project. However, I am pleased to be able to provide some clarity on the way forward for the project. We were to have packed up and moved to temporary quarters this summer, with a late summer start for construction. Unfortunately, we have been unable to do the work necessary to make the temporary quarters suitable for our needs due to the suspension of construction sites on campus. However, while we are facing a delay in terms of our temporary relocation and the start of the transformative renovations of the Ron W. Ianni law building, the delay is manageable and relatively brief in the grand scheme of things. The revised plan is to push back construction by roughly six months, with a planned start no later than January 2021. In an effort to minimize disruption and ensure service to students through the Fall semester, we have planned a two-stage relocation strategy. Our plan is for the Law Library to move this summer to the Leddy Library. The rest of the Faculty of Law will move to temporary quarters at the end of the Fall 2020 term, with no disruption to the dates of the academic year. This gives us additional time to pack and has the advantage of freeing up space in the Law Library if we require additional room for physical distancing for our academic programs. I remain very excited about this project; indeed, it is encouraging to look forward to our new space despite current challenges. If you haven’t had a chance to see the renderings, please take a look. The support of alumni and friends is also more important than ever; please consider making a contribution if you are able." In a previous update on Nov 20, 2019: "Windsor Law students, faculty, and staff will temporarily relocate into 'law clusters' around the rest of the campus." "While there will be a few classes scheduled at the downtown campus — as there are currently — the bulk of classes will remain on main campus: in the Odette School of Business, Toldo Health Education Centre, and the Neal Education Building." All updates can be found here if anyone wants more info: https://www.uwindsor.ca/law/1939/deans-updates The renderings look great and are the renovations are desperately needed, however its pretty disappointing that we won't have our own dedicated spaces for at least 1L and 2L. Best case scenario - we move to the new building at the beginning of 3L in September 2022.
  3. Accepted June 29, firmly accepted July 2nd (sorry for the late post). cGPA: 3.0 B2/L2: 3.76 LSAT: 155
  4. Thanks everyone for the responses. I really appreciate everyone's opinion since I have no one to personally discuss this with right now. I will be taking all your points into consideration over the next couple of days. As of now, I just hope Ottawa makes a decision by July 2nd so I can move on. UO is my final outlier school and my school choice now solely depends on them making a decision in the next two days. Still can't believe we are forced to voluntarily forfeit our waitlist spots and cancel any pending applications on July 2nd while the schools don't share the same deadline. Edit: forgot to mention that I was accepted to the Regular JD as a Regular applicant
  5. Hi everyone, Long story short, I just got accepted by Windsor today and my deadline is July 1st (and all provisional decisions become firm acceptances July 2nd) which leaves me with less than 48 hrs to make a major decision. I have been waitlisted by Western and still haven't heard back yet from Ottawa. Western is my #1 choice and Ottawa is a close second while Windsor is my safety school. So now I have virtually no time to make the decision of either accepting Windsor (and automatically getting booted of the Western waitlist and losing all chances at Ottawa), or rejecting Windsor and risk having to re-apply next cycle in hopes that I get a spot at Western off the waitlist or Ottawa during July/August. The deadline seems extremely unreasonable and I have no idea what to do. I have no one to reach out so any advice anyone can provide right now would be enormously appreciated. Also, what are the chances of actually getting a spot off the Western waitlist or Ottawa accepting me in July/August? Is it worth risking having to reapply to get into my preferred schools? What would you do? Thanks
  6. Rejected today CGPA: 3.0 B2: 3.8 LSAT: 155 Didn't have high hopes to begin with considering the LSAT cutoff is 157 according to some sources online. Waitlisted at Western and Lakehead. Still waiting for Ottawa, Windsor, and Ryerson.
  7. Waitlisted June 2nd. CGPA: 3.01 L2: 3.77 LSAT: 155 Virtually no hope left at this point. LSAT continues to haunt me. Good luck everyone.
  8. I know the initial email said to complete the interview within 2 weeks of receiving the invite, but due to school/personal reasons I had to put it off. I ended up completing it the first week of January but now I am worrying that I waited too long and I may have hurt my chances, or worse that they won't even consider my application. My stats are pretty average so I don't think that helps (2.9/3.8/155). I also took the LSAT in January so I assume my application was already pretty "late" in the queue. Did anyone else complete the interview late and hear back yet?
  9. I really hope it doesn't. If they do, I am completely fucked. Its already bad enough that a single standardized test is by far the most significant factor in our applications. Anyways, that statement is from UBC so I'm not sure how much that is relevant to other schools. UBC is one of the more competitive schools so I am not surprised they have stricter application guidelines. Also, I did not apply to UBC -- only to Ontario schools which I clearly mentioned in my original post.
  10. Mine also still says incomplete. Emailed admissions today to inquire. For everyone who says they were "referred" recently, I am assuming that means your application has been moved onto the next stage in the review process? Any one have info on what "referred" means?
  11. I only applied in Ontario..but I can still probably make the application deadline for Dalhousie and UNB. What are your thoughts on my chances are these two schools?
  12. Thanks for the insight! I applied to Queens and Western. I guess I have been putting too much weight on my cGPA. I know my LSAT is my biggest weakness right now, but it is good to know that my non-L2/B2 grades won't hold me back.
  13. I know 155 LSAT is not very competitive, but I can't do anything about that now since January is the last score taken for this admissions cycle. My LSAT is by far the weakest point of my application besides cGPA, but I guess I shouldn't worry too much about my cGPA since my L2/B2 is competitive.
  14. Hi everyone, long time lurker, first time poster. Long story short: I completed my first undergrad in 2017 with a horrendous 2.5 GPA (3.0 in my final year) due to a variety of personal reasons and being in a program that was not a right fit. I transferred schools and changed programs the following year and I will be graduating in April 2020 after three full academic years with a 3.8 GPA (on 4.0 scale). Both of these degrees have netted me a 2.9 CPGA on OLSAS (brutal, I know). While my second undergrad GPA is competitive for law schools, I am extremely worried that my bad performance during my first undergrad has completely destroyed my chances for law school admissions since my OLSAS CGPA is essentially irredeemable at this point. Do I have ANY hope in hell that my second undergrad performance will give me a chance for admission? I applied to all schools in Ontario. I addressed my poor first undergrad performance in my personal statements and advocated for why it is not a fair representation of my ability/potential. Some additional stats: 155 LSAT (Jan 2020). Numerous ECs. Strong LORs (2 academic, 1 professional). 3+ years of work experience in occupational health and safety and labour union representation. Any insight is appreciated.
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