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  1. My cGPA (with drops) for my undergrad degree sits at about 76.5%, LSAT score is 158. Will have completed a MPH degree with 4.09/4.33 scale before admission. Great EC's: global health internships, couple publications + ample research involvements, experience working for the United Nations in Geneva, amongst other public health related involvements. References include one from my supervisor at the UN and one from renowned academic (research supervisor). In the application, I provided documentation supporting mental health issues during undergrad which contributed to the low GPA. I explained it in my statement as well and tried to emphasize professional work experiences, before and during my graduate degree. Would love to hear anyone's thoughts about my chances for admission in this cycle.
  2. Thank you so much for this information! I am indeed struggling with how to calculate my L2 - my grad school grades and undergrad grades are on different scales, and I am still unsure about what 'session' means... I sent an email to Admissions a while back asking for my GPA calculation (or at least some clarification) and I got a response saying they were too busy (which is totally fair!). I am definitely banking on the holistic review process, although I wish it was more than just my PS to exemplify my various experiences (too bad U of A does not require reference letters for the app). I have received an acceptance from another program, but I'm really hoping to stay in Alberta! Fingers crossed! Thanks again!
  3. Just for further clarification, session in this case means 'semester', right?
  4. Hi all! Wondering if anyone could provide insight on the likeliness of my acceptance to U of A with my stats. L2 (last 60 credits) - 3.75 (self-calculated) LSAT score - 157 (average of two writes) Will have completed Master in Public Health before starting law school. Experience working with the United Nations and several international global health placements; good EC's and strong PS. Thank you in advance for your feedback!
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