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  1. accepted off the waitlist this afternoon LSAT: 156 L2 GPA: ~3.7 will be accepting!
  2. Waitlisted today! L2: ~3.7 LSAT: 156 Keeping my fingers crossed and hoping to see some movement and acceptances off the waitlist. Good luck everyone!
  3. Yes! I have joined the Facebook group, I am looking forward to meeting all the wonderful people in person soon!
  4. Those are valid points, being able to interact with other 1Ls will definitely help given the situation at hand.
  5. The Newsletter they sent out didn't have much information regarding 1L online. Also waiting to hear from them soon as I would need to make the decision of whether to move to Edmonton for September.
  6. Thanks for the detailed reply! I think my main concern was being able to come back to Calgary to work but getting this information is a bit relieving! Thank you!
  7. Thanks for the reply. I would like to return to Calgary and work here so its good to hear that UofA places well in Calgary, especially if transferring is not easy. Thank you!
  8. Hi All! I accepted my UofA offer this month and had a few questions as I prepare for September. I am still waiting on UofC to respond - that would be my first choice even though I have accepted UofA. I believe I am able to forfeit my deposit if I am accepted into UofC, is that correct? If I do not get into UofC, how easy is it to transfer after first year into Calgary? Also, I have no background whatsoever in law, I did my undergrad in Science and so I am worried about fitting in and being able to understand the concepts, what would be a good way to prepare and understand things prior to starting? Would appreciate the guidance!
  9. To be quite honest, I don't think I had anything amazing - business management, volunteer work etc. I did have a somewhat unique experience but if I were to put that on this forum, it would take away from my anonymity . Feel free to PM me though!
  10. Thank you! I actually checked my email first - and it was also on bear tracks when I checked a few minutes later. But definitely keep an eye out for your email! Wishing you the best of luck!
  11. I got in this morning! Completely in shock Here are my stats: L2 GPA: 3.75 LSAT: 156 (one write lol - there is hope!) I applied this cycle completely unaware of the process, first time applicant and wrote my LSAT with little preparation since this was such a quick decision. I am honoured to have this opportunity and am looking forward to what this new endeavour will bring! Good luck to all those who are still waiting!
  12. I have similar stats and have yet to hear back. It's been an anxious wait to hear back from them but I assume with the current situation, replies will be delayed.
  13. I also wrote the January LSAT (first time) and have yet to hear back...how long does it usually take for the file review to be completed? The waiting process is stressful
  14. congrats! My stats are L2: 3.72 and LSAT: 156 - so this post gives me hope! Did you write the Oct. LSAT or January?
  15. Thanks! Hopefully with a better LSAT score, I can reapply next year to all these schools
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