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  1. I have similar stats and have yet to hear back. It's been an anxious wait to hear back from them but I assume with the current situation, replies will be delayed.
  2. I also wrote the January LSAT (first time) and have yet to hear back...how long does it usually take for the file review to be completed? The waiting process is stressful
  3. congrats! My stats are L2: 3.72 and LSAT: 156 - so this post gives me hope! Did you write the Oct. LSAT or January?
  4. Thanks! Hopefully with a better LSAT score, I can reapply next year to all these schools
  5. I think my ECs, References and work experiences are unique (quite a lot of political activism, leadership activities, volunteering etc.) but again, came in a bit underprepared for this cycle. Thank you for the positive input - if this cycle doesn't work out, I'll definitely be redoing the LSAT with more preparation!
  6. I believe I've missed the deadlines for them, but will consider them for future application cycles after rewriting my LSAT. Thank you for the suggestion!
  7. I think that's what I meant - my last 20 course GPA is 3.72. Again, I'm very new to the entire law school applications as this was not a career which I initially thought of so all of these terms are quite confusing. Thanks for the honest input!
  8. Hi all, I have recently decided to apply to law - I applied to UofA and UofC this cycle and wrote the LSAT in January. My LSAT score is 156 (with absolutely no preparation). My cGPA is 3.43 and my best 20 course grades is 3.72 (That's how UofC calculates it if I am not wrong). I want to know how long UofC and UofA take after the January 2020 LSAT to respond. And from these stats, what do my chances look like? This is my first time applying to Law and I am slightly clueless as to what the process looks like and how things unfold after I submit my applications.
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