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  1. 3.64 cGPA and 158 LSAT my best two is 3.82 and I'm still in fourth year so I don't know my last two.
  2. I was waitlisted back in mid January. What are the chances of someone who was waitlisted getting an offer? And also, when are offers off the wait list usually made?
  3. My cGPA is a 3.64 and my best 2 (year 2 and 3) is 3.82 (currently in 4th year). My LSAT is 158.
  4. 3.64 cGPA and 158 LSAT. Im a fourth year student so not sure what my GPA will be this year (most of my classes are full year) but my best two years (year 2 and 3) is 3.82.
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