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  1. Thanks for sharing these articles - lots of valid points! While of course I don't know exactly what a career will look like, I've done quite a bit of research & spoken to a number of folks who practice in the realm of human rights law, which has given me a pretty good idea of the local Canadian context. I am definitely not disillusioned in an idea of saving the world and am well aware that human rights law doesn't look like the image of working oversees. That being said, there are lots of folks who do work in the field/related fields of human rights with a law degree, which is still within my realm of interest :).
  2. I'm really struggling to choose between McGill & UofT. Essentially, I'm just trying to determine if the cost of UofT will actually make that much of a positive difference longterm. I feel stupid to pass up on offer for UofT, but am struggling to find reasons to justify the price!! Here are the main factors that are relevant: I'm really interested in human rights law. I know it's a small/notwellpaid field, so I'm torn between going to McGill to have less debt going into a job that pays less, vs. going to UofT and having a better chance at actually getting a job in the field. I'm very comfortable with French. I'm unsure where I want to live/practice, so don't really want to close the Quebec door by going to UofT. Might be silly to mention, but I really vibe more with McGill's atmosphere and feel as though the environment of UofT is less suited to me. Can anyone try to convince me that the cost of UofT is justifiable??
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