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  1. I don't understand the way in which McGill looks at each application. They are clearly not doing it by GPA otherwise many of you would already be in, they aren't doing it by LSAT either so it's either alphabetical or by upload date which would be unfair in both cases. They are know to be horrendous at handling admissions, no other university I know makes students apply at the beginning of November to give answers on a rolling basis through to June (if it's May/June then it's a No for sure).
  2. Applied on deadline day with a 3.75 GPA, good Recommendations, and good extracurriculars. Still waiting..
  3. Use this thread for the people still waiting
  4. This thread is for the applicants that are still waiting for an admissions answer for Fall 2020 from McGill School of Law in the JD/BCL Program.
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