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  1. I went to UBC for part of my undergrad, and the average course is worth 3 credits. How does a course that was worth 12 credits factor into the GPA calculation? Would the grade of that course be weighted like 4x as heavy as a 3 credit course?
  2. Just got the call! GPA: 3.77 after drops, LSAT 166 Applied mid to late november
  3. This thread makes me feel a lot better I'm 3.7 + 166, application submitted nov 13, but transcripts received nov30, and I haven't heard anything back yet, I was starting to get worried
  4. The index formula is quite accurate, I applied last year with a 91.5 index and was waitlisted at #12. Historically an index above 92 is auto admit.
  5. Hi, may I ask when your application was submitted + documents received?
  6. Self calculated index ~930, 3.77 GPA, 166 LSAT. My application and documents were received NOV30, but I've indicated I'm rewriting in January. My application has been "Application Under Review" since the very beginning, I'm wondering if it is because they are still waiting to see my January rewrite?
  7. I'm just wondering to see if I should even be expecting an answer mid-late november. My index is 91.66
  8. I applied last year with a 165 LSAT, and was waitlisted at the very top, and rejected towards the end of August. I got a 166 in October, and I still have a November flex scheduled, but I'm not completely ready for it? Now I'm not sure whether to reschedule that to January. Any advice on the matter would be appreciated, thank you!
  9. did you email or call them? i'm debating emailing again.. not sure if I should though seems like both waitlists haven't moved
  10. I also asked on the 21st, and was told my ranking and that they were still evaluating some files, so rankings may not be final. I'm not sure when to ask again...
  11. When i emailed for my ranking he said specifically that not all people had been ranked yet, and that there would still be movement. I haven't emailed again to check my ranking status. Did you just reply to the same email?
  12. Omg how did you get an answer? I just emailed and the person replied that the waitlist wouldnt be ranked till early june
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