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  1. It's possible but relatively rare. You'd have to get excellent marks, to the point that if you got those kind of marks it would probably be a better move to stay at Laval as opposed to risking going to another school and having a worse standing. All in all though it can be done
  2. While I never did the JD at Osgoode, I know a handful of people who did it recently. They take maybe closer to 4 people now per year. As for how hard it is to get in, it varies greatly every year. UdeM bases its decision on GPA, so it depends on a year to year basis what the 4 highest GPAs are who apply. That being said, normally it would be hard to get it with under 3.4 or so as an absolute minimum. 3.4 is a relatively high GPA so it is definitely a competitive process.
  3. It is not the JD program. It is the LLB. They do not accept for the winter semester. The deadline has passed, I am fairly sure.
  4. Ça dépend des cabinets évidemment, mais d'habitude c'est le soir même de l'entrevue. Parfois 1 ou 2 jours après, rarement plus.
  5. (J'ai déjà fait la course et je suis en gros cabinet) Honnêtement ça dépend tellement de quel cabinet on parle et aussi de quelle université. 3.4 à McGill c'est excellent, 3.4 à UdeM c'est correct mais loin d'excellent. 3.4 à UdeM c'est très bien pour certains cabinets, pour d'autres c'est assez bas. Bref, ça dépend!
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