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  1. Ok you completely convinced me to just accept the single hahaha I'm so glad I made this post. Thank you so much for taking the time out of your day to help me out!! Please stay safe!
  2. Thank you so much! Yeah in terms of what I want to do in the future and where I want to be, I think I'm better off doing the single JD especially considering the Dual JD is double the tuition I would be paying if I were to do the single. Thank you for your response and taking time out of your day to help me out. Stay safe!
  3. I recently got accepted to both the Dual and General JD program at Windsor and I'm not sure which to accept. I've heard a lot of crazy things about the Dual program (crazy as in, commuting, double the work, double the hours etc.) and I'm not sure whether I should go for it. I also heard that it could take away from me focusing on opportunities in Canada/Ontario. Does anyone have any advice?
  4. I got accepted today! I was accepted to the dual program almost two weeks ago so this is exciting! cGPA: 3.35 L2/B2: 3.78 LSAT: 154
  5. Got the email today! LSAT: 154 cGPA: 3.35 L2/B2: 3.78 Strong EC's, softs and reference letters! (according to two people who have previously worked in admissions)
  6. Rejected today L2: 3.78 cGPA: 3.35 LSAT: 154 Strong EC's, 2 academic references from professors I was close with in my undergrad, and one non-academic reference from the founder of an organization where I worked as both an RA and volunteer. I'm also a masters student. Good luck everyone!
  7. Did you apply for general or dual? I have literally almost the exact same stats and I'm still waiting to hear from them. What were your EC's like if you don't mind me asking?
  8. Hi Ryn, I know my chances are likely going to be slim, especially for a school like Osgoode, but I wanted to know whether you've ever accepted anyone with my stats and background. I have a cGPA of 3.35 but my L2 is 3.78. I had an eating disorder my first two years of university which was life threatening and really hindered my performance in school but after recovery I reached the top 15% of my program and was on the Dean's list. My LSAT score is a 154 which obviously is not competitive. I have worked as a crisis analyst and delegate in MUN, I've participated in UGMT (mock trial competition), I've worked as both an RA and a general volunteer at a Syrian refugee medical organization, I'm currently doing my Masters in Political Science, and I'm also working as a TA. I spoke about these things in my PS and I also talked about how being Syrian and trying to get my family refugee status in Canada inspired me to become a lawyer. Thank you for helping me as well as so many other applicants on here!
  9. I used the space they provided assuming they weren't expecting a long or complex response. But wait for more responses, maybe other people wrote more!
  10. I was already applying to 5 schools/6 programs so I didn't apply to any other schools
  11. did you cater your application towards social justice and have a masters degree? I'm hoping these things raise my chance.
  12. I keep checking the status of my Windsor application and it says there are no active applications but I'm not sure why. Everything seems to be fine on OLSAS and the websites of the other law schools I applied for... Is this normal?
  13. Good luck to you too!!
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