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  1. I must sound like an ad at this point but I'm here to plug 7Sage again. I loved the structure of having a course outline, but couldn't fork up the bones to find a tutor - 7Sage was perfect for that. It can easily fit into any schedule if you do the core curriculum in small chunks; I usually did 2 hours a night. After the core curriculum and about a month before my test I used days off to do PTs 1-2x a week, with problem sets of questions on the other weeknights. The teaching style of 7Sage is great overall too. JY knows what he's talking about and knows how to explain each concept/question in a clear way. Yes x100000 to taking a few days off before the test. You need a break to breatheeee and not fry your brain before D-Day.
  2. I've never understood the Toronto hype train. Bay Street isn't everything. Also, Toronto and Vancouver rent prices have been basically neck and neck for years so rent that's "quite a bit lower" isn't a point in Toronto's favour. I grew up near Toronto and am moving to Vancouver ASAP. I don't have any family there. I can only speak from my own experiences but many that I know agree; the quality of life in Vancouver is waaaay better than Toronto, even if just because of the environment. In Vancouver you get beaches, mountains, forests and a city, and you can experience these things all year round without worrying about debilitating cold. Toronto is fun and has lots of clubs and concerts, but all you really get is the city. Too much concrete. I've always found it very suffocating. Another point (again, purely anecdotal): Toronto has a very tense and unwelcoming vibe in comparison to Vancouver. It's ironic, because Vancouver has a rep for being introverted, but I've found the opposite. People seem more chilled out in Vancouver. In a nutshell: lifestyle and environment. I'd take a slight pay cut for that any day, personally.
  3. Omg. I thought my 5% was a big discrepancy, but 12%?! And for a UBC student?! I'm glad you got it fixed. This problem has been very frequent this year 😕
  4. This happens a lot in these big threads lol. It's almost formulaic. Person A argues something. Person B refutes. Person A claps back. Person B latches onto a small detail of Person A's argument and picks it apart. Person A claps back on that small detail and elaborates on why it wasn't, in fact, flawed. Person B picks apart Person A's reasoning once again regarding the flaw in the small detail of their first argument. So on and so forth, suddenly the thread derails, and the small detail becomes the whole conversation. OP watches in horror as their inbox is blown to shreds. Stonks?
  5. Haha well it's been said already but your humility and self-awareness is worth its weight in gold. You weren't alone, that's for sure. A lot of people dream about getting a 180 on the LSAT before we realize how hard that really is. When I first started studying I made the mistake of browsing r/LSAT on Reddit, where people score 180s seemingly every week... definitely disconnected from the reality. Thankfully you don't need a 180, or even a 170, to get into great schools.
  6. This makes me think TRU, 100%. Unfortunately this takes TRU off the table. If you can't go to TRU then I'd suggest UofC as it's a great school and it'll be much easier to get back to BC from UofC. Going from Windsor to a placement in BC seems like it'll be a big hassle for you. Calgary is also a great city to live in! Cheaper rent than most major Canadian cities, lots of jobs, and really close to Banff National Park if you want a weekend away.
  7. Just the essentials, amirite? You could call it Law-ffee. Half price during exam season 🙃
  8. +1 for coffee machine. You can't go wrong with a drip coffee maker. Or a pour-over, if you're only wanting to make a cup or two each morning.
  9. I built a PC during quarantine and plan on having it as my work space "home base". If you're willing to put in the time it can be a lot cheaper to build a quality PC than buy one that's pre-built. I'm definitely investing in a second monitor once I start school! It's a great asset for productivity - being able to have a reading open on one page while your notes are open on the other is a game changer. During undergrad I brought a half-decent laptop to school every day that I'd use to take notes. Nothing crazy, just one small enough to carry around in my backpack and functional enough to open Google Docs and the prof's PowerPoint. I'll bring that to school on the daily and use my desktop while at home. In first year Uni I tried writing by hand for a bit because every prof swore up and down that it made you remember things better. In the end, I couldn't write fast enough to get everything down and just ended up with hand cramps. That's just me though! YMMV. Also - I use Google Drive, Google Docs, Google Slides and Google Sheets for basically everything. That's personal preference; they're free and tend to be less of a pain than some Microsoft programs like Word. As for backpacks I've had a few classic ones that have lasted years! I'll keep using those until they fall apart 😛
  10. Been there! You're fine. I quadruple-checked all my PS documents out of typo-fear and still ended up with a few... but only in my UofT application (go figure). There were a few typos and even a repeated line from my PS in the optional essay 😬 My stats aren't astronomical or anything either. After living in typo-fear for another few months I got my acceptance call. I guess they just didn't notice lol, which honestly isn't surprising considering how many statements they have to read through. Verdict: Not fatal. Unless you've managed to slip in something real bad like an "ahddkfkfbfvt" from your cat walking on the keyboard, or the phrase "law sux I h8 writing stinky personal statements!1!"
  11. This link has a ton of great info 🙂 https://vancouver.housing.ubc.ca/other-housing/off-campus-housing/
  12. ??!?!?!? Wat Age just appeared out of nowhere and decided it had anything to do with this. This opinion taken from small-sample & anecdotal evidence feels like a personal issue that has no place being involved with OP or this thread.
  13. I understand how you feel. With score release being so recent and your studying being hindered by your environment I can see how those comments could feel like salt in a wound - especially because it probably feels like they're attacking your dream. But they're not. I don't think they're being overly critical - when striving for something it's good to stay grounded and think about both the worst and best case scenarios so that you are prepared for both. But I can also completely understand wanting to hear some optimism and comforting words right now. I'm glad you bought 7Sage. I was hooooorrible at LG (45-mins-for-1-game level horrible) and it really helped me! Your persistence is admirable, and hope you get to where you want to go.
  14. Hey! Take a breath. The cycle is faaar from over. Some schools haven't even had round 2 yet. Your L2 is phoenomenal. Your LSAT is not "right on the line" - it's great. I don't agree with the "160-or-bust" mentality that floats around on this forum. Lots of people have been and will be accepted with lower stats than you. Just give it time 🙂 That being said, don't be afraid to explore all your options! As johnlocke said, it's great to have a backup plan. You can't control what happens this cycle, but having another plan in place just-in-case might be comforting because it'll give you control in another way.
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