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  1. Dude. Cut it out. Practice what you preach. I get it, sometimes people say things online that you don't like, but you have to be prepared for that when you post. Like or dislike the wording, you asked for opinions, you are getting opinions. Responding to criticisms with attacks is not the way to go.
  2. There are a couple people with a similar B3 in last year's accepted thread. Shoot for median LSAT (166 this year I think) or above, and write a great PS 🙂 You can write in January! But you may hear back later than others who didn't. If you do write in January, some spots will be taken before your application is reviewed, as is the drill with rolling admissions. Take that info as you will. UofT, on its website, says that taking an LSAT earlier than January is "strongly encouraged".
  3. UofT's median GPA for the 2020/2021 class is 3.86. While it's below the median, a 3.7 is still pretty good, and UofT will notice the upward trend. It's the 160 that isn't competitive for UofT. If you get that 165+ on your next LSAT I think you have a decent shot there.
  4. You should go to med school. You say that one of your biggest concerns is time - but think about that in the grand scheme. You spend an extra few years or so to dive into the field you're passionate about, but then you get to spend the rest of your long life exploring that career. When it comes to time, in a large sense, a few years is nothing. I've often wondered to myself "If I don't get into law school this year do I really want to wait a whole other year before I can try again?" and the answer is always yes. Because this is the field I want to be in, and really man, we live quite a long time these days. Most professional school admissions are very competitive but the risk is worth the reward if they're what you want to do with your life. It will cost time and money, but you'll make that money back after med school and get to spend your subsequent time in a way that you care about much more. Applying to law school when you're lukewarm about it can be really costly, in a lot of ways. It can potentionally make you waste time if you're then stuck thinking about what-could-have-been. I hope you figure things out my dude. Good luck.
  5. I've already submitted my apps but I'd be happy to join as another peer editor ☺ I took a lot of writing classes in uni and find the editing process fun. Also, despite submitting already, it would be nice to get some opinions on my statement anyway - and talk to other future law students!
  6. Do you know your GPA in % form? I have very similar interests at the moment and UBC has a lot catered towards those areas 🙂 Just thought I'd drop some info in case you haven't looked into that school yet! There is a specialization in Law and Social Justice https://allard.ubc.ca/programs/juris-doctor-jd-program/programs-and-courses/concentrations-specializations an International Justice and Human Rights clinic https://allard.ubc.ca/community-clinics/international-justice-and-human-rights-clinic the UBC Innocence Project https://allard.ubc.ca/community-clinics/ubc-innocence-project-allard-school-law the Centre for Feminist Legal Studies https://allard.ubc.ca/research/research-centres-and-programs/centre-feminist-legal-studies and the RISE Women's Legal Centre https://womenslegalcentre.ca
  7. Unfortunately there's no way around LSAT prep! I was freaked out about taking it for the same reason as you (there's a lot of weight put on one test), but remember that you can always retake it - it's not like you are only able to write it once. Also, take advantage of those awesome softs and write a knock-your-socks-off personal statement. It's hard to say how much it will impact your chances, depending on the school, but it'll help. As for which schools to apply to, focus on the curriculum the school offers (any specializations or courses or clinics appeal to you?) and think about where you'd like to live/practice.
  8. A little update for anyone interested! I emailed admissions on Friday asking for my cGPA and they emailed back today. They told me to check back in mid-November as it's too early in the evaluation process and they're working remotely.
  9. WOW this is awesome! This should be stickied. I wish I'd had this when I was studying! I'm sure tons of future LSAT-ers will thank you for putting the effort into making this.
  10. I'm pretty sure UBC's deadline was December 1st last year as well - If you go back in the UBC forum people talk about it.
  11. I agree with @poshspice. The general consensus seems to be that anything can be a great extracurricular/volunteer activity as long as it's something that you dedicated yourself to. Plus, there's the obvious fact that military service is incredibly respectable.
  12. I'd wager that it depends on where you apply! Usually you'll get an email after your application has been submitted and/or after it has been received. Stuff varies, though, so I can't say that for certain about every school. After I submitted to UVic I got both of the above emails and could check the status of my application pretty much right away. For UBC I got an email that my app had been submitted, but it took just over a week for them to email me with a way to check my status. For OLSAS (as far as I know) after the 'submitted' email it all just goes off into the void for a while.
  13. Not sure if you can answer my question but I'll ask anyway... I submitted my app on September 25th but the status checker said my transcript was missing. They just updated it on October 8th with "File Complete - Awaiting Evaluation". Should I wait 2 weeks or so before emailing or do you think they'd already have everything calculated? I could probably just wait to be sure. But I'm eager lol.
  14. Unless it's UofA they will still take your highest score, as long as it is still admissible (taken within the last few years).
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