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  1. Haha well thanks for the positive encouragement! Perhaps you’re right 🤷🏼‍♂️
  2. Hey! I was wondering this as well as I’m in my final term at UofR. I called the admin office and their answer was “as long as they have a preliminary statement of marks” your application will be considered but they may choose to wait until your April grades are in to decide.
  3. Bit of an odd-duck here. B2: 78% LSAT: 157 (one write) Sask Connection: Step-father is ex-law lecturer at UofS and Queen’s Bench and I served as president of the University of Regina Student’ Union for two elected terms. Will these connection items help??
  4. Yes! I called in and they are still working through the “kinks” in the system. What initially sparked my interest is the wording above the admissions where it says “applications are partially complete, complete, OR submitted” and mine says completed while I’ve also been able to add my supplementary forms which would mean it in fact has been submitted.
  5. Amazing! Thanks for getting back to me. I’m going to call in this morning to confirm. Perhaps I read into the other threads a bit too closely.
  6. Hello! A fair number of threads here are referring to application dates submitted etc. I’m afraid I’m quite confused! My application status currently says “completed” when I click on “Applications”. I don’t see anywhere that says “submitted” or a date. Have I missed something important?? I submitted my documentation and have paid my application fee back in November 2019. Please help!
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