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  1. Refused today 3.89 GPA, US applicant Mature Applicant - Business Owner the past 8 years No LSAT French interview back in January
  2. Congratulations! Glad that someone is posting after so many days of silence. Did you receive a direct email from them stating what they liked about your application or just a Minerva email? I have heard they are sending both and just curious if all of the acceptance letters sent out are personalized. Thanks and congratulations again!
  3. Did you understand all of the questions the first time they were asked and did you respond in French or English? I am starting to lose hope of an acceptance as it appears most people that had a French interview were accepted a few days after. I had my French interview over a month ago! Thank you!
  4. Did you choose to respond in English, French, or both? I had my French interview a few weeks back, but my status has not been updated. Thank you and Congratulations!
  5. Will you let us know about how many people were in attendance, or if they stated the number of placements offered thus far? Thanks for the information!
  6. Have any of the Mature student applicants received an acceptance or had a French interview scheduled?
  7. Did you have a French interview or Mature applicant interview scheduled? Also, are any other of you listed as accepted students above defined as Mature applicants? This is the first mature applicant acceptance that I have seen, and I am also waiting as a Mature and International applicant. Thanks!
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