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  1. Live downtown near an lrt station. Our downtown is awesome with lots to do and access to the river valley trails!
  2. Yay I'm so excited. I love recommending this book to people. It's also written by a woman. I'm a woman and she seriously spoke to me. She has a reddit and I messaged her and she is super nice and down to earth, and offered me tips over video chat. I just thought that was so cool. She really cares about her audience.
  3. You gotta get Loophole in the Logical Reasoning by Ellen Cassidy. Best book every for logical reasoning.
  4. My friend got a rejection just now but she doesn't have an account to post. Her stats were L2 3.8 and 150 LSAT. Great references and ECs too. Notified via email and her application was complete in Feb. Still waiting on mine.
  5. You can still come to Edmonton and check out the city and campus. It's not a bad city at all. Maybe better than wasting the $500. Domestic travel is still happening.
  6. Yikes, I have similar stats except I have a 3.6. But I thought having an MSc might put me over the edge. This is scary.
  7. People come from different circumstances. $1200 is a lot of money to some people. Not everyone qualifies for student loans and will be funding this out of pocket.
  8. Honestly, if there is a reason to bother them this is it. You don't want them to pass over your application because it looks incomplete. No harm in asking.
  9. Pause the job hunt until you're back. I'm a headhunter currently, and a 7 month gap in employment doesn't phase me and usually doesn't bother employers. It's only when you start getting past 2-3 years that people start to care. People travel or take breaks all the time. It's not a big deal. Just tell an employer why the gap exists in your cover letter or during an interview. Absolutely do not take a job for a month and then quit, that's just unnecessarily burning bridges.
  10. Hey, Just wondering what you mean by this? I'm applying with an MSc, so I was wondering what you mean by we don't need the same admission standards?
  11. TRU has a pretty holistic review. It looks like they do take a look at the writing section, work experience, scholarships, volunteering, etc. I would honestly do it today or tomorrow and send them a quick email update with you LSAC # and letting them know it's done. I emailed them before and they said they're flexible on the application deadlines and just want people to get everything done by the end of February.
  12. They just emailed me today asking for my LSAC # to get my writing portion. I'm hoping that is a good thing?
  13. Correct me if I'm wrong but U of S doesn't take prior UAlberta students anymore. Some kind of buerocratic issue.
  14. I applied to TRU and UCalgary!
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