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  1. I'm curious why exactly you are advising against 118th Ave? It's one of Edmonton's most amazing ethnic enclaves for food and culture. Kaleido Art and Music Festival, Arts on the Ave, and Deep Freeze are all held there (probably canceled due to covid19) and usually they are large celebrations about the different people and cultures in Edmonton. I can name a few awesome restaurants off the top of my head: Awash Ethiopian, Thamel Birstro, Swiss 2 Go Cafe, Dang Good Vietnamese... I wouldn't close yourself off from 118th just because you've had friends say to steer clear. No place is free from danger or crime. It actually seems a bit in poor taste to be advising people not to check out 118th Ave when there are many immigrant owned businesses there who offer amazing food, wares, culture, and friendly customer service. If you head to that area with an open mind you might be pleasantly surprised! OP - I've lived in Edmonton for 11 years off and on all over the city and I would recommend a few different neighbourhoods. Oliver (including the Oliver Exchange Building), 124th St (AMAZING), Glenora for walking and Blackbird Cafe, Jasper Ave for the iconic river valley, Whyte Ave (If you don't go to Pho Delight and order the Buddha Pho you are not living), Riverdale has awesome walkways and the best Little Brick Cafe which is a historical building over 100 years old, Garneau, Old Beverly if you're looking to see some cool art installations. Oh! Also we have a local graffiti organization called Rust Magic and they've been commissioned by the City of Edmonton to create amazing graffiti installations in the city. There is a HUGE one that just says "Edmonton" across from Rogers Place and 104th (also a cool area in the core of DT). Also check out this site: https://yegsecrets.ca/ where people all over the city can contribute little Edmonton gems that you can check out. ETA: Sorry I tried to add the map of the murals/graffiti and it didn't work. But you can google it!
  2. This may be a bit late to comment on this, but I've been trying to look through this forum for some posts from successful students who were about to transfer into the U of A. I haven't been able to come up with anything and was wondering if someone could help me find some old threads or perhaps let me know what to search? If anyone has successfully transferred to the U of A and has time, I would love to hear your experience and if you have any advice. I'm in a similar boat where I got into U of C, but Edmonton is home. I decided to just go for it and not move with everything being online, but I do want to start thinking about trying to transfer into the U of A. I do understand that that may not be possible though and am willing to temporarily move to Calgary when the time comes.
  3. This is going to sound like a commercial for Indochino but here goes... Please don't think you need to spend thousands of dollars on one suit. You still have a decent enough price range to find some good suits to last you through articling and beyond. Indochino in West Edmonton Mall has quality suits in that price range. They will custom fit your suit as well and all fittings are free, forever. As long as the suit is Indochino they will tailor it no matter when you got it. For our wedding (postponed due to covid) we were able to get fully tailored suits and shirts for our groomsmen that costed $485. We did not feel like we were sacrificing quality for price and the suits they helped us choose ended up being suits that can be used for more than just a wedding. They had great knowledge about fashion trends and helped us design suits that would age well past our wedding. Go to their website or call to book an appointment to come in. Tell them your price range and they will help you create a suit that works with your finances. Not once did they try to upsell or force us into spending more money than we could afford. In fact, they actually helped us keep costs down by going through the suit with us down to the stitching. They may not be some crazy expensive designer, but for a starting law student with limited budget, they're perfect. They even offer student discounts! My partner (who is a lawyer in Edmonton, not that that matters) still wears his suits that he purchased 4-5 years ago and they have been amazing about him coming back a few times for refitting or repairs. You show them the issue with the suit and they fix it no questions asked. They honour their policy about letting people come back for tailoring. We had such a great experience there and they have such a good range of colours and fabrics. They've also been very reliable suits over the years, not too much wear and tear for the amount he is wearing them. Also he looks damn smart if I do say so myself but I might be biased. Even though he has been practicing and can afford more expensive suits, he still chooses Indochino because the customer service and quality is still great. We've recommended Indochino to other colleagues and friends and they have had nothing but good experience there. I wholeheartedly recommend Indochino to anyone who is looking for a suit. Especially someone who is looking for a suit on a budget. I hope this comment was helpful to you!
  4. I took my name off the waitlist at TRU last week. Didn't hear anything back from them. Good luck to everyone else waiting! Not sure what will come for TRU haha very weird there is zero movement at all. All the best to you!
  5. I would recommend not doing that. If you open the attachment on the waitlist email, U of C specifically mentions that they have all they need and not to send anything else.
  6. Agreed! Edmonton Folk Festival and Fringe are internationally renowned! Performers, musicians, artists, etc. come from all over the world just to be a part of it! Man, I am going to miss Fringe this year so much. I would actually make a schedule for all the shows I wanted to see and take off work so that I could just soak up all the greatness. I'll miss the Irie Foods truck as well... going to have to make the trip down to Millwoods to get my fix!
  7. I'm always going to be partial to Edmonton. I grew up in Calgary and it's a hard place to find yourself in or cultivate an identity in (in my opinion). It's very corporate and growing up it was all about what your parents did and where you went to school. I grew up in the SW and literally never met or knew anyone from the NE because as kids we only associated with people in our quadrant. It wasn't until I moved to Edmonton that I really started branching out and meeting people and learning more about myself. You honestly cannot beat the people of Edmonton. People think it's just oil workers here, but really it is people from all over the world who come here to work and you can meet diverse people every single day! People seem to give Edmonton a bad rap or call it "Deadmonton." But there is nothing dead about it. Like the poster above me said, we have an amazing culture. It's very similar to how people shit on Winnipeg, but don't realize that they have an awesome culture as well. We have amazing local businesses, an absolutely stunning river valley, we have amazing festivals like Fringe (although canceled this year because of covid), we have an awesome international food scene, we have local breweries/wineries, we have local graffiti artists that are commissioned by the city to create murals and other artwork. We're surrounded by lakes, so if you want to go paddleboarding or kayaking all you need to do is hop in your car and go. I notice a lot that people seem to think that Edmonton is "ugly" in comparison to Calgary, and I simply do not see it. They're both beautiful in their own way. Calgary has a view of the Mountains and the Bow River, but Edmonton has the river valley which is simply unparalleled. Anytime I ask people why Calgary is better all they can say is that they have the Mountains or other vague reasons why. When you live in Calgary it's not like you're driving out to the Mountains every single day. It's like for some reason Edmonton got this bad rap and now people are closed off from how awesome it really is! I will absolutely never understand people who complain about Edmonton. I will also say that the people here do tend to love it, but perhaps they are biased towards their home lol. As you can see, I have a huge love affair with Edmonton. It's not a perfect city, but no city is. This is the city where I was free to become me without people judging me for not having the latest bag or because my Mom didn't have as great a job. Additionally, it's all about your attitude when moving. I've known people who were unhappy and dead set on moving from Edmonton to Vancouver because they thought it was the "better" city, only to find that they were unhappy anyway because they didn't do anything to change their attitude. ETA: My partner is a lawyer here and he is doing well! He obviously loves it here though because he grew up here and has cultivated his entire life/career here. He has no interest in moving anywhere else, whereas I would be open to moving for the right opportunity. I would miss it here though if I had to move! ETA2: About the Winter... Edmontonians always get where we need to go regardless of the weather. Winters can suck but we still keep at it! We also have Winter festivals like the Ice Castles or Ice on Whyte!
  8. I tired calling today but I wasn't able to reach Leanne. I can't imagine that there will be no movement at all?
  9. Edmonton bus drivers are aggressive asf. Sometimes it's actually quicker to hop on the bus than it is to drive because they have bus lanes and muscle their way through traffic. It's actually quite hilarious (and terrifying). But I would say the bus routes from campus to St. A are pretty reliable! I've taken them in the winter and they're fine.
  10. Oh ya, St. A is very doable. It's just one bus and it stops right in front of the law building.
  11. I'm not sure about right now with covid19 but on a normal schedule the busses and LRT usually run until 1 am. St. A is close but Leduc and Beaumont are very far. I think they have their own bus routes as well but I've never taken them and I wouldn't live there. They're just way too far from everything. I think St. A is a reasonable distance. I live downtown and St. A is about a 15 minute drive from me, whereas Beaumont and Leduc are about 45 mins.
  12. St. Albert actually has bus routes that go to the U of A. You just hop on the 201 and you're there! Took me about 20 mins on the bus from U of A to St. A. Source: I live in Edmonton and had to bus a lot.
  13. You should email or call TRU. I honestly thought that they had gone through all the applications by now. You should check to see if there is something up.
  14. I doubt they would be taking hundreds of students, but I've seen people on FB speculating like 20-50. Plus there are people that drop out after the first year or they may choose to take less transfers in upcoming years. There's lots of ways that they could take a few more and still have a regular amount of graduates. It's expensive to create and facilitate programs entirely online, so I wouldn't be surprised if they opted to either increase tuition a bit or get more money by taking a few more students. I think before covid a few schools were planning a tuition increase, but it's kind of shitty to do that when people may be having trouble working this year, so they may seek other avenues of making up that money. I've seen a lot of adjunct professors come on as well. Another way to cut costs is to find people who they can pay less. It's all speculation though. We never really know 100% what's going on until the universities release the information to us. Source: I've worked at a University for 5 years closely with my department head.
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