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  1. Good luck. I’ve given up on McGill at this point.
  2. Sorry to hear that, but I’m glad that you got into your dream school. Do you mind sharing whether you received an email, or if you just noticed that your minerva status changed?
  3. Do you mind sharing if you were given a particular deadline date to accept/decline?
  4. Honestly, I have no idea. They are really doing a good job to keep us out of the loop.
  5. I would think they would just reject/accept or waitlist people at this point. I understand that they are holistic, but this is a bit ridiculous. I almost want to move on with life and be pleasantly surprised if they accept me, but I’m really running out of distractions thanks to all of this free time.
  6. I emailed the admissions office as my file still says “Ready for Review,” and this was there response: “At this point, the likelihood is low but not impossible that someone could receive an offer of admission without being waitlisted. Either way, you should receive your decision in the next 3-6 weeks.” I’m still a bit confused as to how someone can receive an offer without being on the waitlist after waitlist offers have been sent out. I thought the waitlist exists because the class is full, so the only way students can get in from the waitlist is if someone rejects their offer.
  7. I have applied elsewhere, but McGill has always been a dream of mine.
  8. Possibly, but the admissions page mentioned something along the lines of applicants taking the LSAT after the application deadline will be at a disadvantage. So is there much hope, especially for those who haven’t taken the LSAT? I’ve taken the LSAT and I have a good GPA, but I’m still worried.
  9. 4.0/4.0 GPA and 174 LSAT. Excellent references, possibly mediocre ECs and personal statement. Anxiously waiting.
  10. Thank you for sharing.Do you know if any of it is based on alphabetical order, or in-province vs out-of-province?
  11. I don’t think it’s based on GPA/LSAT. I have a 4.0 GPA and a 174 LSAT, but I’m from Alberta, and my last name is at the end of the alphabet. Maybe the GPA/LSAT comes into play within a stack.
  12. Since it is obvious that applicant Admission offers aren’t given based on GPA ranking, does anyone know if McGill offers admission based on province, application submission date, or last name? This is honestly such a painful wait.
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