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  1. Did you apply to the general category?? I know that access acceptances started to go out a bit later in the cycle last year. They could be holding off on assessing your application if it’s access...if not, your guess is as good as mine!
  2. My documents have been received and the status column is blank for me!
  3. Even though with my stats I know there is no way in hell I am getting an acceptance before January, it doesn’t stop me from constantly checking Dal and UVic’s accepted threads for updates.
  4. Out of curiosity, did you calculate these yourself? Or did OLSAS show you your B2 as well as your cgpa? Also congrats on the score, that is huge!!
  5. I forgot to show my scratch paper and I was approved with no issues!
  6. If you only applied a few days ago, I wouldn’t worry. It takes 2-3 weeks for them to update the portal upon receiving anything. All you can do is reach out to admissions, which you did! I’m sure it will get sorted out.
  7. Alright, so Queens is a Best two school that will take your 3.5 (once converted to the OLSAS grading scale, which may lower it a tad). Do you know your last two years gpa? Schools like Western and Dalhousie use your last two.
  8. Okay incredible, then I interpreted your post incorrectly. Do you know the gpa for your last two years or your best two years? Also, if your gpa is lower due to a few bad marks, some schools (Uvic and UBC I know for sure) drop some of your worst marks from their gpa calculation.
  9. Oh, my bad if I came off like I was disagreeing with you! I was emphasizing your point by quoting it and attempting to show that I feel the same as you The rest of my post was aimed towards others who felt differently.
  10. A 3.0 gpa does not equate to being “dumb”. A 160 diagnostic is also quite high, my diagnostic was in the low 150s and I had to study for months to break into the 160s. You clearly have some aptitude for the test, which is a good sign that you may be able to achieve a high score through studying. Khan uses real LSAT tests, so if you completed a timed practice test, that is an accurate representation of your baseline. I am wondering, however, do you want to be a lawyer? There are ways to work around a low gpa and a 3.0 isn’t a deal breaker...but you sound a bit passive in your post. There are plenty of further education paths you can take with a psych undergrad. Law school is an expensive and gruelling journey from what I’ve been told, so before beginning the application/LSAT process, I think it’s more important to figure out why you want to pursue law specifically. Are you interested in law, or are you unsure of your future path?
  11. It’s also important to me to work in queer friendly spaces...and I don’t think there’s anything wrong with wanting to work in a space where there’s a commitment to racial diversity as well? Which is what OP’s question was regarding? I’ll also point out, regarding OP limiting their future career possibilities...no where did they say that they would write off a school or job if it didn’t operate in a very diverse space. They are just prioritizing diversity, which is obviously a value to them. I think it’s a little premature to issue warnings regarding career limitations, when the OP is just inquiring which schools exemplify one of their values.
  12. To convert your gpa, you have to convert every individual grade from your transcript into a gpa calculator using the 4.3 scale. My cgpa is almost exactly the same using the 4.3 scale as it is using the 4.0, so no, this is not an accurate table in every case.
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