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  1. Thanks, I’m definitely starting to lean in that direction...
  2. Thanks, I’m not really sure what area of law lights me up the most, but crim could be an avenue to work with marginalized and vulnerable populations for sure.
  3. Thanks for this, any idea how to gauge how much I would receive from a PSLOC?
  4. For the bursary application, it asks for an estimate of debt you’ll incur during the 2021-22 school year through government student loans and a line of credit. I don’t want to give inaccurate information, but I don’t know how much I would receive from those sources...how have others gone about estimating these numbers?
  5. They didn’t request a report on LSAC for me, I guess they just take the score from OLSAS?
  6. Thank you! My family and friends are mostly in the GTA, so Queen’s proximity to Toronto compared to Windsor is enticing. Kingston seems to be a nice city, but I’ve only been there for a day trip, I went to Windsor for a week long stay once...being from the city I didn’t think it was necessarily off putting, but Kingston does seem to have a bit more warmth.
  7. Thanks for this, I guess I would find like minded folks in any law school in Canada, especially if I were to engage in clinics/extra-curriculars. I really thought that the community and environment at Windsor would be perfect for me...but this is all in theory as I won’t know for sure until I’m there. Your point about reputation playing a role is super helpful, and is making me think Queen’s may be the better option.... but if anyone else has thoughts, feel free to share!
  8. I really was not expecting to get into Queens, just received my offer and I am QUITE shocked! I want to work in more social justice oriented positions like legal clinics/with vulnerable and marginalized populations, definitely more public interest work. Human rights law interests me as well, specifically charter cases, but I know that’s a pretty tough niche to get into. I cannot imagine myself working in big law or serving any sort of corporation, to be honest, and the social justice focus at Windsor seems in line with my value system. That being said...there is a sense of prestige with Queens that is alluring, but would it make any sort of real difference in my career, should Big law not be my goal? Is there any sort of specialty that Queens has in certain areas of practice? Ahhh I was not expecting to get in there and I have till April 1st to figure it out! Haha any insight to this would be greatly appreciated
  9. Just got the email, really was not expecting this! cgpa: ~3.3 B2: ~3.4/5, unsure of exactly how they calculated it, complicated transcript LSAT: 168
  10. Mine was about two months, but it included 2 weeks off for winter break. Referred mid December, accepted early February.
  11. Anyone know when to expect rejections to start coming out for Osgoode?
  12. I don’t want to hijack this thread and turn it into a Windsor debate, but I’ll just say thank you for sharing those threads...because if you read the replies from practicing lawyers they seem to prove my point . Also, the link you posted to 2L hiring rates do not encompass the vast majority of positions available in Ontario. I don’t have an issue with admitting that Windsor grads have a harder time achieving certain types of jobs, but it’s a fallacy to suggest that it makes securing an articling position more difficult.
  13. Just want to point out that both the two people who have warned you about Windsor have used anecdotes from one person that they know, a sample not representative of all Windsor Law graduates. Again, aware of my bias as I most likely will be a Windsor graduate myself...but I do think it’s a bit unnecessary to warn OP about attending Windsor based off of a friend that had trouble finding articling, a problem that could’ve arisen due to a number of reasons.
  14. I am not experienced enough to offer advice on whether or not the OP’s should undertake a legal career but...regarding them hoping to attend Windsor. I was under the impression that there is no “tier system” for law schools in Canada? Some have more prestige than others, and the schools you mention are preferable if you want to work on Bay st, but unless OP has their heart set on Bay st, I don’t think Windsor would be an additional hurdle. 0L here, who has recently been accepted to Windsor, so factor in lack of knowledge and the personal bias. That being said, judging from other posts that I’ve read and from speaking to practicing lawyers in the GTA, it doesn’t seem to matter where you go to school unless you want to be sure you’ll have the best chance possible at landing a Bay st job.
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