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  1. Keeping in mind that I want a corporate job next year, which one would be better for this summer: a policy job with the federal government, or a research/policy position in a think tank?
  2. What i found that worked to network with people from the firm, was to reach out throughout the recruitment process. I've been talking with articling students and associates since Christmas. Leaving to make contact during their busiest week of recruitment, it is quite understandable that they wouldn't have the time to chat.
  3. Yes, of course people should ask the firms before renting a place. However, some firms are currently allowing employees to go to the office, and from what I've asked when speaking with the recruitment teams is that it is expected from students to be available to go to the office in some situations.
  4. I think it's safe to say that it may be required for students to be physically at the firm some days of the week.
  5. Anyone has experience with finding a place in DT Toronto just for the summer? I'd be most interested in renting an entire unit, or apartment.
  6. I think it's already out, since I got a ITC email a couple days ago.
  7. I think you have great chances!! I got in with 152 LSAT.
  8. I'm also in his class, but haven't received any email from him. Is the book called "Canadian Tort Law, Cases, notes and materials, 15th edition?
  9. where did you find the class schedule for 2020-2021?
  10. I didn't apply for any external bursary yet other than John and Rosa Lim Scholarship.
  11. Hi, Before receiving my acceptance, I applied for a couple of scholarships via uozone. But I haven't heard anything back yet.
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