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  1. I'm also in his class, but haven't received any email from him. Is the book called "Canadian Tort Law, Cases, notes and materials, 15th edition?
  2. where did you find the class schedule for 2020-2021?
  3. I didn't apply for any external bursary yet other than John and Rosa Lim Scholarship.
  4. Hi, Before receiving my acceptance, I applied for a couple of scholarships via uozone. But I haven't heard anything back yet.
  5. very upsetting, but understandable. However, I don't agree with the same tuition costs.
  6. Hi folks, Does anyone know where I can find how much tuition will be for the upcoming year?
  7. thank you I applied like 3 days before the deadline.
  8. Can't believe after 2 years, I CANT BELIEVE IM FINALLY POSTING HERE! ACCEPTED TODAY. CGPA 3.88, LSAT 152 ACcess
  9. I just moved to Gatineau, and I'm planning to attend uOttawa in the Fall. Rent/Housing pricing is much cheaper in Gatineau, if you are in Aylmer or Hull it's not that bad of a drive back to Uni. My place for example, is at the 15m mark driving. While I could see traffic being a problem, if you plan your day and your commuting, you should be able to skip the rush hours. Hope it helps!
  10. Hi folks, I'm moving permanently to Gatineau, but planning to attend uOttawa. Does anyone know if I'm still eligible for OSAP? If not, am I eligible for the Quebec Student Loans? Thanks in advance
  11. I got rejected, I believe it was end of February.
  12. My LSAT was 147; CGPA was 3.77 because I was in my last year of undergrad; and I have a Master Degree now. My Personal Statement is waaay better this time as well.
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