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  1. I wanna cry 😭. I legit have no patience left. My stats aren’t like amazing or anything (CGPA:3.79, B2/L2: 3.88) . Especially my LSAT (158) but like given my cgpa I was expecting to hear from Ottawa at least by now. i swear everyday is a nightmare. Every notification on my phone and I’m jumping to see if it’s an acceptance. someone help
  2. I’ve applied to osgoode, Ottawa, queens, uoft and western. Hoping for osgoode and Ottawa
  3. I don’t have stellar stats or anything but just wondering when it’s appropriate for me to freak out a little bit that I haven’t gotten any acceptances yet... cGPA: 3.79 L2: 3.88 LSAT: 158
  4. I've been waiting for a week for them to update my CGPA and academic background. I log in today and see that it is lower than i expected it to be. I check and they only included 3 grades out of 5 for the fall semester (2020). The two courses that they are missing does not even appear in my academic background. I confirmed with my school that they did in fact have all 5 marks there when they sent it. Somehow, OLSAS just didnt upload 2 of grades. When i called OLSAS, their reply was "we dont know". Just message us through SAM. I am kind of freaking out right now. Wondering if this has happened to anyone? how to resolve the issue etc.
  5. Osgoode is the only one that really gives you an update (based on the schools I’ve applied to). Just wondering what does it really mean when you go into queue?
  6. In queue as of 1/15 cgpa: 3.8 L2/B2: 3.89 lsat: 158 filled out part B
  7. Congratulations!!! I am wondering if you know when you went into queue? I have very similar stats. Just trying to get an idea of where I’m at.
  8. My status says pending. Wondering if this is the first thing that appears or does this mean I’m in Queue?
  9. I think i did. Do you mean that they value Cumulative GPA more than L2, B2 or B3? or that in general they give more weight to GPA than LSAT
  10. Hey just wondering where you got that osgoode is a gpa school. I was under the impression that they value lsat and gpa equally?
  11. Same here. I think my L2 is around 3.89 or something. Considering that their median Cgpa last year was 3.69, I feel like 3.76 is high enough to compensate to certain extent. Of course that depends on how low the lsat score is. Honestly though, there are people who get in with 155 and others who don’t with a 169. So you never know. Sadly, it’s just a waiting game
  12. There was information on OUAC - the tab where you filled out the application for osgoode said to fill out the form by November 1st or else you would not be considered for admission scholarships or any financial aid.
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