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  1. I think i did. Do you mean that they value Cumulative GPA more than L2, B2 or B3? or that in general they give more weight to GPA than LSAT
  2. Hey just wondering where you got that osgoode is a gpa school. I was under the impression that they value lsat and gpa equally?
  3. Same here. I think my L2 is around 3.89 or something. Considering that their median Cgpa last year was 3.69, I feel like 3.76 is high enough to compensate to certain extent. Of course that depends on how low the lsat score is. Honestly though, there are people who get in with 155 and others who don’t with a 169. So you never know. Sadly, it’s just a waiting game
  4. There was information on OUAC - the tab where you filled out the application for osgoode said to fill out the form by November 1st or else you would not be considered for admission scholarships or any financial aid.
  5. There really isn’t a clear answer here. I’m in the same situation as you. I have a 3.78 olsas cgpa and much higher L2 (not that it’ll matter much for osgoode because it’s a cgpa school), my highest lsat is a 157. This puts me in a rough situation. From my knowledge, there is no answer. I mean it says on their website that a a higher cgpa compensates for a lower lsat (and vise versa) so there is hope but no one can really say
  6. Just got the email. My account is still not activated. They said it can take up to 24 hours. We’ll see
  7. Just received an email to register my account. Seems they got all the documents too
  8. Where are you doing your undergrad? I go to uoft and I was able to see the request on our portal on November 2nd. I assume all schools have a system like that, maybe you can check and see there?
  9. According to their website, they count most Canadian schools as ABA approved so they could actually be reflecting the data for Canada only
  10. Yea but maybe the delay accounts for 10 percent. Let’s say 20. I doubt it’ll count for more than that! A 65% drop is huge!!!
  11. I totally agree with you. It seems reasonable to assume that there are less applicants. We might see an increase when they process everything but I doubt it’ll be a huge one. I went on LSAC and looked at the trends for last year and it says that Canadian applicants by region shows applicants who are from that region applying to ABA schools in “each region”. I assume that means applying to a school in Ontario when you are the resident of Ontario. So, the numbers might actually be very accurate. Also, it shows that in the 2018-2019 cycle, there were around 5000 or so applicants, a number that is consistent with the data we saw with Canadian universities that year.
  12. Does anybody see an update? Mine is still incomplete
  13. Got the same response an hour ago. That helps a bit with my anxiety - I’m still gonna check every hour to see if it’s updated tho 😂
  14. yea just hoping they realize sooner than later! not sure who to contact to make sure they resolve it
  15. I wonder if we have to do anything? Like do we just wait around to see if they update it or not?
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