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  1. Did you receive an email or is it an update on student centre?
  2. Same!!! When I saw the rejection, I was panicking to check to see if I got rejected too 🥲
  3. Probably is. I’ve been accepted and mine disappeared as well. I wouldn’t worry about it
  4. April 14th.. so maybe it’s different for me
  5. I just posted a question about this. My letter says that the offer will expire April 14th, is this referring to provisional acceptance or firm? I am just wondering if i need to do provisional acceptance before April 1st even though the offer will be active until April 14th? bit confused
  6. Hey guys! I thought i had this figured out but I guess I dont cause i found myself freaking out last night trying to sleep, so I would appreciate your help. I know that usually the provisional acceptance data is April 1. and my understanding is that you have to choose between your offers in Ontario. My question is, I have one offer at this point from Ottawa and it says in the letter that my deadline to respond is April 14th. My first assumption was that I will wait till then and if i dont hear from anywhere else, I provisionally accept. However, i started doubting myself that I might lose the offer if i dont respond by april 1? I guess I am just wondering if April 1st deadline still applies for provisional accpetance even if the letter of acceptance gives you a different date. Thanks in advance.
  7. I mean no news is good news at least for Ottawa and ryeson - both of which have been sending out rejection in the past week. So I think you’re probably still in the running for them as well as the other school. I have to say thought that this cycle has been quite unpredictable. I got into Ottawa last week the day before all the rejections were sent out and I was surprised to see that some people with better stats than me got rejected. I really don’t know how they’re evaluating people. don’t lose hope yet.
  8. Yup I think it’s gonna update when you see the date changed. I guess you won’t know if it’s gonna news or bad news just cause they might have updated as “rejected” but I think it’s safe to say that it means you will know soon
  9. Congratulations!!! Go and celebrate. You’ve deserved it
  10. Admitted!!! No email either; just the status update and its attached letter GPA: 3.79 LSAT: 158 Good luck everyone
  11. Until today my file said that the last update was in November but right now it says my file was updated 24 March.... today....??? what does this mean? Has anyone had this happen to them?
  12. Until today it said last update was in November but right now it says my file was updated 24 March.... today....??? what does this mean?
  13. Literally my life. I’ve seen people get in with my stats and way lower and I’m still waiting.... starting to Freak out
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