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  1. I had asked Leanne about this in an email, and she said she would be registering 1L's in July.
  2. email your committment by may 9, deposit by may 31st
  3. for anyone else who received an offer this week, in your mytru portal did it say conditional admit on your application? does this just refer to our condition of accepting by the stated date?
  4. So happy to finally be done waiting and to stop studying for the lsat again. Accepted this morning with a 3.8 gpa and 150 lsat, applied with a strong access based claim. hope classes are running in person by September and look forward to meeting everyone.
  5. does anyone know if there is a pattern as to when lakehead reaches out to applicants? It's been a while since anything has happened in the acceptance/waitlist discussions, whereas there the other university threads has some updates occurring regularly.
  6. congratulations! was this access or general category, and when did you write your lsat?
  7. HI all, I read through alot of current and past discussions regarding acceptances for the regular categories at each university, but not too much information regarding stats for lsat and gpa scores for access/discretionary categories. can anyone who has been accepted in a discretionary/special consideration/access category share their stats and for what school?
  8. HI everyone, I wanted to get feedback on an ideal study schedule/approach to preparing for the LSAT. I have access to the 7sage ultimate+ and the powerscore bibles. 7sage is providing a schedule that goes through LR then onto LG and then RC. The powerscore self study plans have you doing a bit of each every week. Any feedback on which approach anyone has used or found helpful would be appreciated. Thanks (my baseline score is a 151).
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