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  1. Thank you so much for all the information, I really appreciate it. I haven't booked any trips and am not even really seriously planning anything as I know how competitive summer jobs can be for law students, and obviously I will prioritize school and work before any vacation time, I was just thinking about it and wondering theoretically what next summer could look like for me. I think the stay-at-home summer we're experiencing has got me dreaming of next summer already! Thanks again for your insight!
  2. I would theoretically like to plan a trip for summer 2021 (virus-permitting). What are summers like for law students in terms of course loads and work expectations? I know that there are summer classes and that there is competition for internships (and probably other things I'm not even aware of yet), but is two weeks of travel a realistic expectation in, say, April or May for a law student? Sorry if this seems like an unimportant or irrelevant question, I'm just wondering about my ability to travel with friends and family while I'm a law student pursuing internships and the like. Any 2Ls or 3Ls with insight?
  3. @maxthedog that's reassuring, thanks so much for replying!
  4. I paid my tuition deposit online a week ago and just want to confirm that my beartracks looks like everyone else's. In Financials, under 'Account Detail for Term' Winter 2020 my 'Deposit Amount' says $0.00 but the 'Payments Received' says -$500. Additionally, under 'Make a Payment' Winter 2020, beneath 'Deposit Amount' it says $0.00 but beneath 'Payments' and 'Term Balance' it says -$500. I know that the payment will carry over into the Fall 2020 term, my question is whether everyone else is seeing their -$500 in the same place I am. Is anyone able to check and confirm? I want to make sure the payment was processed properly as my deposit and the law centre hasn't replied to my email yet.
  5. @Toad thank you for taking the time to copy and paste that here, I appreciate it!
  6. I paid my deposit by adding the University of Alberta as a bill payee on my online banking. In beartracks, I am seeing -$500.00 as a term balance, but it is showing up for Winter Term 2020 Tuition and Charges. Is this correct? Will it carry over to Fall 2020 as the terms change?
  7. Accepted this morning! L2: 3.91 (self-calculated) LSAT: 156 (one write) I am 100% accepting! Can't wait to get this journey started!
  8. Based on the information I found in certain (admittedly dated) threads I thought it meant all semesters in which one had classes in any given academic year. I cannot say with 100% certainty that this is the case though so if it concerns you it might be best to email admissions for clarification.
  9. Just wanted to say thank you for posting this! I had no idea that was visible on LSAC.org. It definitely put my mind at ease a bit being able to see that the report was sent given that I wrote in January and had a heck of a time navigating the purchasing aspect of the registration back in November.
  10. That's great to hear, thanks! And congratulations!
  11. Do you remember what your exact GPA was by chance? I only ask because my index number changes slightly depending on how my MA GPA will be calculated. Either way, this is really reassuring, thank you!
  12. Yeah, thanks. I hadn't realized that at the time, however, thanks to @GrumpyMountie and others I realize now that MA courses will be counted. My L2 including MA courses is somewhere between 3.91-3.96 (I'm still a bit unsure of GPA conversions but the number will be somewhere in that area).
  13. Yeah I spoke to a gentlemen at the Law Centre front desk and he said a January LSAT delays the application review, but that's it. Also, I agree I might not be getting an email in the next few weeks unfortunately, but I'm hoping that sometime in March or early April I am lucky enough to hear back.
  14. Thanks for the input, my fingers are crossed that this is true!
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