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  1. accepted today via email! 161 3.4 / 3.7 B2 will be accepting!
  2. waitlisted may 28 3.4 cgpa / 3.7 b2 / 161 lsat
  3. same situation as well - hoping there will be more acceptances Monday since the late april offers all expire this weekend
  4. I received an email the next business day but it only said to check Uozone. Showed up on OLSAS a couple days later Congratulations!
  5. Hi nothingbutlaw, Good on you for planning your law career so early! If I were you, I’d go with law and society as a major. I would think it is the most relevant to the field/most helpful to prepare you for law school. I would imagine this major would give you a taste of what a legal career entails and introduce you to a couple different possible areas of focus. I would also think you’d have a higher chance of meeting likeminded people in this major, which is the best part of undergrad (imo). In the end though, I’d suggest you just pick whatever you’re most interested in and what you think you’d be able to do well in! Best of luck!
  6. I would think any of these schools would meet your requirements! As for having a great social atmosphere, you may want to look at the 10 Reasons to Go to My Law School thread and see what people have said about their experiences at these schools as a hint of what the environment would be like. I found this thread helpful for envisioning myself at different schools.
  7. Hi Petterzone, Starting to study now for August is more than enough time if you stick to a schedule for self-study, or even to take a course and study afterwards. Writing in August will certainly give you and law schools enough time to receive a score. You would even have time to book a re-write for the fall/winter for certain schools. Good luck with your studying!
  8. Hi Shelby, I agree with timhortonscup that a good LSAT will be more beneficial than any ECs. If you have any volunteer work that can demonstrate ties to the community that’s great too. I would think Ryerson would be more than happy to admit you with your work background, however. Good luck!
  9. Some schools are more holistic than you may think! It’s still worth applying, regardless of a lower cgpa. A lot of schools really value an upward trend. If I were you I’d still apply! I would think you have a great shot at getting into at least a couple Ontario schools.
  10. All administrative staff is still working and will be able to fulfill transcript requests
  11. Hey coffeelover, I’ve been accepted to a couple Ontario schools with a similar cgpa to yours, and a similar B2. I got a 161 on my LSAT for reference but with an even better LSAT i’m sure youll get a few offers to choose from! Best of luck.
  12. not surprised! got the email an hour or so ago 3.42/3.6B3 161 lsat, wrote the optional essay
  13. Accepted on Friday cgpa 3.42 B2 3.7 LSAT 161 no tech experience! lots of law-related softs and business-focused study! good luck to those still waiting
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