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  1. I guess they are waiting for June 1st to offer more spots (that is the tuition deposit deadline). I would assume more spots will open up based on their acceptance leeway and students who choose other schools. Also, one of the admins on facebook took a survey of students who were offered a spot and only 27% of them firmly accepted, 32% provisional and 40% no response. Just thought i’d let you know.
  2. Just like I thought. I just find it very interesting how a few schools release acceptances after June 1st, especially because there is a large deposit to pay.
  3. Then wouldn’t Ryerson be sending out new offers? There hasn’t been movement in the last 6 weeks. Just a bit confused with the communications. Not trying to start an argument, just feeling a bit in the dark these days lol!
  4. Ryerson is a little too lenient with their acceptances. I have heard from multiple people that they have a 6 week leeway period to accept. This is a horrible strategy that could possibly dissuade a lot of students from attending their school. I understand they are a brand new school but get it together already.
  5. I don’t believe so. If there are students who have not heard back yet and are still under evaluation I believe they are still reviewing applications. They are much slower this time around due to remote admissions committees.
  6. I honestly don’t understand lol...
  7. I would assume Queens next round will be next week. Usually there is a two week waiting period between rounds. Just my guess, anything is possible.
  8. Good point, like I said, I doubt Ryerson filled their class before the April 1st deadline.
  9. Good to hear! I haven’t heard anything from Queens thus far.
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