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  1. Sorry, I asked a question and then forgot this site existed for like two months! Thank you so much for this detailed reply - this is so helpful! I appreciate it.
  2. Hey! Thanks so much for doing this. I am definitely curious about the Summer Job Recruit process. How did that work for you? When did you start the process? Are there lots of options or did you find it difficult?
  3. Honestly, I couldn't tell you Knowing them I'd say pretty high. All I know is that they are in their second year and have already been accepted. Sorry, not super helpful.
  4. A little late, but I know someone who has already been accepted without their final marks being in. So, they definitely do send out some acceptances before April.
  5. I also emailed the IT department, and they said that my status was still "applicant" and would remain that way until everything was processed. Then , when everything was processed, my email would work. So, I assume that once everything is in, including your tuition deposit, then your email will start working.
  6. YES!!! So excited for you! I'm assuming based on all this that you will be accepting?
  7. I was accepted as of 14 minutes ago! 163 LSAT and B2 3.98. Very strong Saskatchewan connection.
  8. Out of curiosity: upon acceptance, how much is the deposit? When do they require you to pay by?
  9. I definitely agree with this. I've lived in Nova Scotia/New Brunswick, and the snowfall in Saskatchewan doesn't come close to what they get out there.
  10. That's great! I definitely feel you about the smaller cities thing. I lived in Edmonton as a kid, and I definitely prefer the smaller cities in Saskatchewan (Saskatoon in particular) to the overcrowded large city. As far as I understand, the weather is pretty typical of the rest of Saskatchewan. So, there can be lots of snow and it can get cold (particular around January/February). But it's still a beautiful place to live, and definitely worth the cold, snowy seasons, imho.
  11. Wow, that's a pretty awesome range of places. Pretty neat to have experienced so much of Canada! What about Saskatoon did you enjoy so much to have it move up on your list?
  12. I feel the same way! The way Sask accepts people seems a little confusing, compared to how I have heard of it being done elsewhere. Don't feel bad. I kind of feel like the admissions people are a little grumpy, tbh. I had a really legitimate question to ask them, and they just seemed annoyed by it too, haha. Like, I get that they probably get a lot of the same questions, but their website isn't super clear about everything either You definitely SHOULD get in. But I agree that with the way they do things it doesn't seem 100% certain. I just hope they go against the grain and send some acceptances out right away...wishful thinking, I know.
  13. That’s awesome that you have 6 acceptances though! I hope you hear back from U of S soon. When is your deadline for making a decision? U of S is the only school I applied to this year - Saskatoon is beautiful and definitely my top pick.
  14. Thanks so much for your responses! That makes me feel a lot better. I hate waiting, so I always second guess myself, but I know everyone else is in the same boat. GM - I hope you hear back soon! Did you apply anywhere else or is Sask your top choice?
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