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  1. I have heard back from no one, so at least that is not a "no" lol.
  2. I don't get how "working your ass off" is supposed to get you more resources to study from, or give you more time?
  3. Anyone in the Vancouver area in BC? I am trying to work with UBC to gather resources for low-income people of all backgrounds so they can better prepare for the LSAT. My experience doing all this sucked hard at times, and I want to make sure it's easier for future applicants. All I had was Khan's practice questions (which is a database of 5 old tests) and an old library book from 1997. I am not sure how anyone is going to get better at logic games using the same 5 tests on Khan over and over again. Studying the same old material while working 2 jobs, and doing my applications was grueling, and not exactly a level playing field. I am guessing many of you were in the same boat.
  4. Anyone have any idea how universities look use the term "holistic"? I was working two jobs and gave up my ADD meds just to be able to get a laptop to study for the damn LSAT (Vancouver is hella expensive) and studied using Khan and old library books. I (like a lot of other people) was never on an even playing field with most applicants.
  5. Metis. 145 LSAT, L2 3.3ish. Mature student, with tons of work experience. Including as a policy analyst at Indigenous Services Canada(ISC). My reference letters are also as good as you can really get. One is a Director at ISC talking about the reconciliation initiatives I am working on, and one a well known prof from my uni. UVIC, UBC, and Queens applications sent. Aiming for UVIC, because of their indigenous program. I really don't have the remotest of ideas of what to expect. My work experience helped get me into a few really good grad programs, but I very much want to do law. I get these applications are "holistic", but now I have to overcome bad grades from my first few years of university (B2 is about an B+ average) and a below average LSAT score. I really want to go back and do the LSAT again, but don't really care for my job and don't want another year of working for the federal government.
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