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  1. Same. Was pretty much expecting fall to be online but if its 2021 and I'm still in zoom university ill be pretty gutted
  2. I think far too many people get full course load and full time studies mixed up which causes a lot of extra confusion. I only applied to 3 schools and was accepted into 2 of them (dal and ryerson). Though I took a 5th year to do my degree so I could finish an extra certificate program at the same time but i only ever did a full 5 class course load in my first year of university and after that did 3 or 4 a semester. My school considers 5 the usual norm and 3 being the minimum to be considered a full time student (so i was a full time student for all 5 years of my degree) or 2 classes being the minimum if you have a disability. I'm sure there are schools that care but i wouldn't spend a ton of time justifying why you dropped a course a few times and then just made up for it in the summer or whatever, its really really normal.
  3. I would argue otherwise for their arts programs. RTA, ryerson fashion, image arts and creative industries are some of the best arts programs in the country imo and are incredibly competitive, and for me at least was partially influenced by the perks of a downtown toronto campus. STEM and business isn't everything.
  4. This falls apart with Dal having their specifically Mi'kmaq support program I'll be in, and being at Ryerson already I know their Aboriginal Student Support Services suck ass, its also not as inclusive feeling as its completely anishinaabe centric. I also find that being Indigenous in southern ontario cities with low Indigenous representation and visibility is much more isolating than say BC, the prairies or with the maritimes specifically having a lot of Mikmaq people. I'm not originally from Toronto, Ive lived in a few cities growing up including my reserve out east, i only moved to Toronto for undergrad and adjusted just fine (yes, i know my numbers that got shared are low lol but I've been working 3 jobs at a time all throughout my undergrad and know I'm impressive in terms of resume and life experience for Indigenous youth), I'm confident ill be able to do the same at either school. Ultimately, I think I'll be better off exploring Dal and Halifax while following the path already laid out, rather than trying to forge my own way at Ryerson. Also, really coming to terms with Toronto sucking to live at unless you're wealthy (imo) and though I don't want to close the door to big law, I'm not trying to be big law or bust either.
  5. Yeah this is the one point that i never took seriously in the critiques that Ryerson skips articling, i know its an option but I could also go through with OCIs like everyone else if i wanted. I also see that Ryerson has been accepting people based on their work and life experience a lot more and if you pair that with good marks, I personally think would give a leg up on some law school robots in some cases so i wouldn't count them out. (but.. it still won't be me.. i have been online halifax apartment hunting all weekend lmao)
  6. i do appreciate the wake up call and succinctly putting together why people are shitting on Ryerson lol. I accepted Dal last week (though still have my provisional rye acceptance in atm). I will be going through with Dal this fall unless ryerson offers me a massive entrance scholarship. Its scary for me to uproot after getting so connected in Toronto and at Ryerson and wanted to have the easy transition and just following the 'study in the province you want to practice' line of thinking but that it probably isn't the case for the first ever cohort of ryerson. I am recognizing that I have more support at Dal and their IB&M initiative crew and that I don't have to marry the maritimes by choosing dal necessarily
  7. Yeah I get that, i mentioned it only to say that I'm not used to hearing shit like this, that Ive already heard of the jabs about being the U of T reject school (even though my undergrad literally has a smaller acceptance rate than U of T law, let alone their undergrad programs, and with it being a fine arts centred program, i never ever wanted to go to U of T in undergrad and still roll my eyes at the idea), so Ive just heard it all during my undergrad anyways that it prepares me for it for when it very inevitably happens in law school One reason I am still considering it is always hearing that I should go to school where I want to practice, and I do think thats Ontario, but then i also hear to not risk ryerson and just do Dal anyways
  8. somewhat hesitant to post after just looking at the Ryerson vs anywhere threads people tend to shit on ryerson but I'm very very conflicted with this decision literally any input should help Ryerson: - i live in toronto now and love it - I did my undergrad at Ryerson in a specialty arts program thats really competitive, its also really new, i started the 3 ever year so there wasn't a graduating class at that point but i didnt care. I'm kind of used to people shitting on Ryerson and it already rolls off my back because i was in love with my program and didnt give a shit which could prep me for their law school lol - would like the door for big law to possibly be open, i know people say its not going to be the same as uoft or oz obviously but i think the door will still be open for this - Im already in toronto, moving to halifax during a global pandemic actually sounds awful Dal - cheaper cost of living, could get a nicer apartment and lifestyle for me and my cat lol - con though is i can't drive, I've grown accustomed to being able to walk to literally anything i need, halifax being spread out stresses me out - reputation is there and as far as i know they still have decent big law placement rates? so theres a possibility of coming back to toronto after graduating and i don't have to marry nova scotia necessarily its uhhh really more of a toronto vs halifax question i guess as i type this, with my preference being toronto but ryerson being a deterrent with being new and dal's reputation definetly helping the halifax side
  9. Accepted to dal through their Indigenous Blacks and Mikmaq Initiative!!
  10. Accepted!! through the IB&M initiative, have to let them know this week and I have no idea what I'm going to do!!!! LSAT 152 GPA 3.1, L2 3.3
  11. Did my IB&M interview last week and it says decision made on mine now as well! They did say in the interview they will let me know this week, I'm sure they're just confirming things, getting final approvals and sending files off to their respective piles. I'm for sure going to give it til next Monday, May 1st before I start getting antsy.
  12. commenting so i can follow the thread but during my undergrad the most I've gotten is 5k but i know the specifics of that scholarship is that it was actually a huge donation for indigenous students specifically at my university and indspire just facilitated it instead of the school even though it only applied to us. i haven't had any automatically recurring scholarships from them or heard of anyone who has so i don't think it would be reliable as your only way of covering tuition but could definitely help offset how much you take out on a PSLOC, or help cover anything past the max that your band would fund if they have a max
  13. I got an email a few days ago and my interview is scheduled for next week! Its a zoom meeting not google or skype. *correction, also its an AST meeting, just a reminder for any dummies like me that you might need to remember theres a time difference if you're not out east rn
  14. All my numbers are lower than yours and I'm in at Ryerson. My softs and past experience is a lot more diverse though, a lot of student leadership projects, managed a 6 figure budget from the provost of my university as an undergrad planning events, more vast experience in fine arts and in the curatorial field, had my own small business on the side, went full circle and mentored Indigenous youth through this business program that i did in high school, you get the picture. From what Ive read about applying to law school is they want future leaders who come from diverse backgrounds and life experience that they can contribute their unique lens into discussions. You can bypass all this by having good numbers but if you don't and are relying on your softs, i think you need to be showing actual passion and leadership for things that can be outside of law. Having a part time job during your undergrad isn't impressive (no offence) but is just kind of expected. If you have the money to be applying to every law school in the country i think you'd be better off just improving your LSAT and cracking 160.
  15. i have the same thought process. I'm 22 and not concerned with the year off, i know I'm able to be fine jumping on contracts the way i have been even through all the covid closures. My concern is actually getting a deferral, as a holistic admit i don't want to take a chance with reapplying and my acceptance letter literally says can't be deferred to another term so id be asking them for some leniency given the whole state of the world. im also still hoping and waiting on dal but the thought of trying to move my whole life from toronto to halifax sounds hellish right now, if i had a confirmed deferral to grab a bunch of job contracts for the next 15ish months and apartment hunt online until i find something really nice actually sounds great to me, getting the deferral is the biggest question mark.
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