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  1. i have the same thought process. I'm 22 and not concerned with the year off, i know I'm able to be fine jumping on contracts the way i have been even through all the covid closures. My concern is actually getting a deferral, as a holistic admit i don't want to take a chance with reapplying and my acceptance letter literally says can't be deferred to another term so id be asking them for some leniency given the whole state of the world. im also still hoping and waiting on dal but the thought of trying to move my whole life from toronto to halifax sounds hellish right now, if i had a confirmed deferral to grab a bunch of job contracts for the next 15ish months and apartment hunt online until i find something really nice actually sounds great to me, getting the deferral is the biggest question mark.
  2. LOL thank you! I'm in at Ryerson and still waiting on Dal which I think I have a good shot at (they have a specific initiative for Mi'kmaq students even more focused than the Indigenous 'category' and I'm Mi'kmaq) - so I'll still be a lawyer just not a UofT one. I met a few of the Indigenous UofT alumni and they said they were not hitting the average numbers but didn't give me any exacts so idk. I've met Amanda Carling as well whose their head of Indigenous initiatives but she says the amount of Indigenous students admitted has been between like 1-4 people a year for the last while which is disappointing to me. It seems they hit like representation in terms of 4% of Canadas total population instead of trying to up the numbers of Indigenous lawyers that can work in the unique place of aboriginal law in Canada.
  3. My friend is applying to Dal for a physio MScPT program and their interviews just got fully cancelled and not moved online or anything... I know law has different admissions panel and same with IB&M but cancelling admissions interviews seems like a bad sign!
  4. everything I've looked up says 'end of march', I'm expecting sometime next week
  5. I actually got an email from the IB&M department yesterday that my application was incomplete (somehow only part of my personal statement got pasted over skjfnkfjdmd i hate myself) but that i should email them back a PDF copy to be added to my file, so i guess thats good for me to have it fixed lmao but yeah I believe they are still working
  6. Rejected as expected. cGPA 3.1, L2 3.3 LSAT 152 Indigenous applicant, applied mainly because I did a program with them in high school where they had Indigenous youth from across the country come and stay on campus and learn from a bunch of UofT Indigenous law students and professors and talked about addressing barriers pertaining to Indigenous peoples entering law. It was genuinely life changing to me as a lil 15 year old which I talked about in my option essay and PS to other schools as I had never even considered law school as something possible for me and only applied initially because i saw it as a free trip to visit Toronto. The program was ambitious but short lived and I think they only ran it 2 or 3 times before they ran out of funding for it and was hoping they maybe wanted to prove it was worth something and have a spokesperson or something but I definitely get that my numbers are far off the mark but eh was worth a shot
  7. just wondering if you knew how did you distinguish and value sports experience? Varsity sports and intramurals are the obvious extremes but I was on a non-varsity sports team in undergrad (think dance pak or cheerleading), and was just wondering how the value of that holds up
  8. Accepted at Ryerson!!! Crying! First acceptance! UofT sends out rejections next week but do i care? NO! Imma still be a lawyer!!!! LSAT 152 cGPA 3.1, L2 3.3
  9. SO EXCITED TO BE POSTING - my first acceptance!!! Finally got my acceptance letter dated from March 6th! Indigenous applicant LSAT 152 cGPA 3.1, L2 3.3 some weak numbers but really stellar softs, a lot of community involvement with Indigenous community in Toronto and in student leadership positions at Ryerson, planned events with support from the provosts office, have work experience in government as well as a lot of niche arts stuff related to my program
  10. September! You have no plans on applying or attending the ILC Summer Program at U Sask this summer to get your property law credit out of the way?
  11. my one and only LSAT write was november and Ive still heard nothing either I applied through the 'aboriginal category' though so i don't know if that makes a difference or not as they have accepted other indigenous students already but I've still heard nothing
  12. so much easier said than done... @ mods pls ban me and save me from myself
  13. I'm..... struggling.. this forum has brought a lot of good help while applying and reading up on other peoples stuff but now all my applications are in and I'm in the waiting game I'm freakin out a little with refreshing my emails but also the accepted threads waayyyy too often ** I was just wondering if anyone had any tips on how to not be stressed about this! ** I know its out of my hands at this point but the anticipation is absolutely killing me! Applying to undergrad I had pretty unbeatable marks that I wasn't worried about acceptances but now as someone really on the bubble applying for 1L, stress is at an aaallllll time high (also being a special applicant with different timelines + Ryerson being one of the schools i really have my eye on but they have the most unpredictable stream of trickling acceptances is absolutely NOT helping lol)
  14. My last document I was waiting on was my official transcript which says received as of Feb 6th on dal online and then got the under review email today!
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