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  1. I have received none, most likely because I don't have competitive grades - for reference to others who may visit the forum A+, B+,C+
  2. Anyone received any interviews or rejection emails????
  3. so are you saying I have a decent chance???!😂
  4. my thinking is that the C+ kills my chances? (forgot to add I am a 1L noob)
  5. Osgoode released their marks today and mine are all over the place. Criminal law B+ Torts A+ Contracts C+ Should I even apply to OCI's because of that dreaded C+?
  6. Acceptances will be continuing throughout the summer I would not worry. April 1st is a deadline for provisional/firm acceptances. This means that people that are sitting on multiple acceptances will have to choose.
  7. Received Osgoode acceptance today (March 10) Filled out part B CGPA 3.91 LSAT 159 (Jan) goodluck!
  8. I agree. If you are experiencing some stuff then definitely!
  9. This is true. I received an offer to attend Queen's, but I'm waiting for Osgoode to give me the OK. Once this happens my Queen's spot will open up for the next person in line. Goodluck.
  10. yes today^ super weird because usually a few people are accepted at the same time.
  11. yeah agreed ^ if you take 2 courses a year then your not really demonstrating you can handle law school
  12. I did 4/5 course throughout my undergrad and I got accepted into three law schools so far. I think it didn’t impact my application because I worked extensively while I studied. If you do less courses and sit on your butt then it’s viewed as negative. If you take less courses and work to support yourself, then it’s positive/neutral.
  13. I received the email and was then accepted an hour later.
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