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  1. Grades won't be counted towards the GPA calculation at all during Winter 2020 even if you went to a school that assigned grades. The credits count so whatever you took will count in your L20 but the grades won't. So if you took 4 courses in the winter they'll use the grades for your previous 16 courses for example.
  2. Where are you getting this information? The October LSAT had logic games.
  3. Does anyone know how to convert grades I've received in Alberta to the grading scheme in Saskatchewan?
  4. Who said they've been eliminated? I thought they eliminated the second logical reasoning section.
  5. You have to call them and tell them to link it. The IT support has to do it themselves, you can't do it on your own.
  6. For anyone that was on the waitlist or has been in the past. I still haven't heard anything back yet, I'm assuming it's a rejection because today is the first day of orientation which I believe would've been the last day for them to tell you. Do they still send you a rejection email, or is there still a chance of getting in past this date.
  7. Indochino. If you sign up for Unidays you get $30 dollars off for being a student.
  8. Does anyone have any experience/knowledge regarding the waitlist? How many people are typically waitlisted What's the criteria for who gets admitted first What are the chances of getting in if waitlisted I would love some feedback to those that have experience with this.
  9. Waitlisted today. L2GPA: 3.77 LSAT: 154
  10. Hey, I reached out to the school when I applied this year. Any coursework completed and graded by the documentation deadline is able to be used for your application. So anything you've completed by that date will be used.
  11. Congrats! When was your application completed?
  12. Would anyone be able to tell me what a 3.77/4.33 would be on the 4.0 scale?
  13. L2: 3.77 LSAT: 154 If anyone could give me their opinion on what my chances are I would really appreciate that. I've been getting pretty anxious waiting for their decision. Not sure if it might help me in the holistic round but I did have to overcome ADHD that was diagnosed late and affected by grades early on in university. In hindsight I severely underestimated the time I needed to prepare for the LSAT given I studied two weeks for it.
  14. It only applies to this situation I believe. From my information I thought the same thing as you but there's nothing on their website that mentions anything about this.
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