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  1. Yes I am. I completed my first BA in June of 2020. I am now just finishing up my last class for my second BA.
  2. My application status has said action required from when I started the application and has not changed. The transcript that I sent them just changed to received this morning. I sent mine quite awhile ago so I guess it has just taken them awhile to get everything uploaded.
  3. No I did not email them initially. They wanted to know if I had taken the January lsat (even though I had indicated that on my application already).
  4. I received an email from the admissions office this morning. It stated that they had done a preliminary screening of my application. It sounds like they are starting to go through them so hopefully people will start hearing about acceptances soon!
  5. How have things been with online classes? Did you find that there was a big difference compared to in person?
  6. This happened to me as well and at least a couple others per other forums.
  7. Mine is showing the same thing. Someone mentioned in another thread that they may be doing maintenance.
  8. I checked the application portal today and the decision history has disappeared. It does not show up and my rejection letter can no longer be found. Has this happened to anyone else?
  9. The Facebook group is only half full if that means anything.
  10. My lsat was 153 and I am not sure how they calculated my average as I had transcripts from multiple institutions to be factored in.
  11. Womp womp, rejected as of today.
  12. Still waiting as well and I applied in December.
  13. In the Facebook group there are 56 members in it however 12 of those are exec members from previous years. So according to the Facebook page there are 44 new students in it however there may be some who have not joined the group yet.
  14. No I have not but I am in the special applicant category. According to another thread someone else commented on it looks that they are behind and have not started with that category yet.
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