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  1. Wow rough year for the thread at SCC it seems! Sorry everyone
  2. SAD feels sort of over 🥺 may I ask who?
  3. Does anyone know for sure if it's a full draft, then everyone calls their picks, or calls each draft round?
  4. I heard through someone that a call has been received.
  5. oh sweet same mine was like 17.5 and i was kinda thinking that was bad. nice to hear!!!!
  6. I didn't do committee but I feel the same. Definitely not vibing that I got it this year (not great odds without committee anyway) but alas!!! I hope some of us get a spot!
  7. In my interview for SCC they said they are selecting Friday morning and calls will go out Friday/ into the weekend potentially
  8. I’m thinking Friday at the earliest for calls? If they say anything to me tomorrow tho I will let y’all know
  9. I have one tomorrow. I heard Monday-Thursday is probably The interview times but I don’t know of anyone with a Wednesday/ Thursday one!
  10. Is anyone else interviewing with Brown and Cote wondering how many the panel will interview vs them...
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