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  1. Little Chicken Little

    Do lawyers really make that much money?

    Beware the Golden Handcuffs.
  2. Little Chicken Little

    Medals with barrister attire

    Perhaps for the CD (which often requires nothing much more than a pulse for 12 years), not so much for the GCS-SWA. As an aside, has anyone ever come across someone using CD as a postnomial in a non-military context? I don't tag it (or LL.B., for that matter) behind Mr. Little Chicken Little, and the only time I've seen colleagues do it is when corresponding in their Reserve or CIC capacities. Just curious.
  3. Little Chicken Little

    How to get Bay Street job? [without summer/articling there]

    I believe you're confusing the ice mines with the Tax Group.
  4. Little Chicken Little

    Intolerable Risk

    And as an aside, risk is a function of probability of occurrence of an event and impact of such event. I assure you that there are far greater "intolerable risks" in life other than whether or not someone landed a 1L job.
  5. Little Chicken Little

    Intolerable Risk

    A person far wiser than me once noted that most people who fail didn't realize how close they were to success when they gave up. Words to live by.... Everyone is afraid of failing. The difference between those who succeed and those who don't is that the former either don't give up, or they redefine for themselves what success means to them. The latter give up (with a laundry list of excuses) and generally also carry on for the rest of their lives about how they failed and how they wish they could change the past - not healthy in the long run. A waste of time? Hardly. Presumably somewhere along the way you've learned something which will serve you well wherever your career takes you. Other people thinking you've failed? Fuck em. It's your life, not theirs. Even better, prove them wrong.
  6. Little Chicken Little

    Law degree path to The Hill?

    Join CGG or GGHG. You get to hang out on The Hill (that just kinda made me laugh, by the way), it's government work, and if you're real "lucky" you can experience foreign policy really up close and personal.
  7. Little Chicken Little

    Unpaid Articles

    Uh huh. Well at least one LPP candidate managed to convince me. I guess I'm the idiot and it's only a matter of time before I learn The Truth.
  8. Little Chicken Little

    Unpaid Articles

    The truth, huh? I guess the possiblity exists that a Global 500 company isn't a mainstream employer.....
  9. Little Chicken Little

    French reference letters?

    If you're concerned that a law school in Canada isn't capable of figuring out a way to understand a letter written in one of the two official languages of Canada you might want to consider the quality of the education that you'll ultimately receive.
  10. Little Chicken Little

    Legal Jobs and Criminal Background Checks

    Our offers are made subject to background/security checks. We advise candidates of the screening requirement during the interview process.
  11. Little Chicken Little

    Road to becoming a Canadian Forces Legal Officer

    I find it varies from Regiment to Regiment. For us, everyone certainly respected Reg Force ambitions, and also respected non-military ambitions, but you just didn't talk about dreams of being anything but infantry on the military side. Maybe it was an esprit de corps/Regimental pride thing. I clearly remember one guy who made the mistake of letting pretty everyone know that the Regiment was only a path to being a military attaché to Greece or something. The RSM caught wind of that - it wasn't pretty.
  12. Little Chicken Little

    Road to becoming a Canadian Forces Legal Officer

    And you do not want to do any part of the field ex portion of BMQ/BMOQ during the winter. Or any other course that involves you trying to dig anything outside during the winter. Trust me.
  13. Little Chicken Little

    Road to becoming a Canadian Forces Legal Officer

    Keep in mind the time commitments involved. Your initial training not only involves the whole "one night a week plus one weekend a month" thing, but also pretty much an entire summer of training to get your initial rank and qualifications.
  14. Little Chicken Little

    Road to becoming a Canadian Forces Legal Officer

    On #2, prior military service will trump coursework. Always. But please, please, please don't join a Reserve unit as a stepping stone to something else. For one, join because you want to serve, regardless of where you might be assigned. Two, if any of your colleagues catch wind of the fact that the Reserves are the first step towards something "better", you're going to have a rough time within your Reserve unit. Of course, that's the point of view from the infantry. The RCAF is too eliteness to care much about it since they think nothing can ever be better that the Air Force anyway (they're wrong), and no one in the RCN thinks about it much since they're paid to paint, not think.