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  1. noted, next time i'll make sure not to post here again and to actually talk to those who are well rounded to give advice or constructive feedback, than deal with a lot of backlash for only defending or clarifying my position.
  2. If the way I said some stuff came off wrong to others, I apologize. I really do. I'm not someone who resorts to getting back at another but I did truthfully felt that what was said later on this post was not needed compared to the earlier responses. I am newbie, I am just starting, life is a fresh road for me right now, so I am very optimistic and I love that for me. If it turns out, that I'm not actually meant for it, cool but it's better to uplift someone rather than to bring their hopes down. If there's a need to crush someones optimism, do so lightly. Thats my opinion. I dealt with a lot of negativity to know that I wont take it from anyone to tell me what I am or am not capable to doing. That's all.
  3. sometimes things that are stated can be taken differently by different people, as perspectives vary. In my eyes, I felt it was unnecessary for them to state what they did the way they did, for me it was more so hurtful comment than it being any help. I appreciate anyone to give me a sense of whats realistic but in a resonable way, thats all. I am not trying to be rude at all, but express what I felt.
  4. sometimes you just have to speak things into existence, but thankyou, appreciate that as well.
  5. I am dedicated to do more if I have to, to get myself in a position where I can excel. Timing is not a concern at this point. Learning is a lifelong journey for me, it's something unreasonable for others. Again, I will put time and effort to get many types or resources to do what needs to be done. LSAT would be one focus. To improve my GPA would be another. At the same time, I will consider other career paths if opportunities present themselves to me.
  6. Helping is one thing, having a biased opinion/thought is another. You'd expect people that are within the legal field to have a better play with their words honestly. Criticism or disagreement can be given in a way more lighter way than bashfully making a statement.
  7. @CleanHands, @SNAILS, and to the rest of the replies below who are quick to make assumptions on a post that does not give you any detailed information but just touches the general surface of it all.. you totally forgot to read the part where i said i didn't prep for the test due to the circumstance I'm in; I just did very basic reading on what the test entails and thats pretty much it, which explains the low score. Then you're probably thinking, why did I even try writing or applying when I knew I wasn't ready for it? I don't know, by chance. So drop your judgement there. I wouldn't be trying for law school if I knew it wasn't meant for me lol... I have common sense to know what my future entails. Clearly you don't know how the circumstances a person is in and †he environment that surrounds them can cause a tremendous amount of impact, negatively or positively. So instead of trying to throw judgement, learn to broaden that thick mind of yours. Thanks. I am very much confident that with the motivation I now have, I will be able to study and prepare to the fullest and it will get me my chances either 2022 or the year after. Anything is possible. FYI, human rights lawyer... is a very "long term - down the line" type of goal. I'm pretty aware of the luck with all that... but when someone's passion is fuelled for a certain goal, that is all thats needed. However, thank-you all for the input of your opinions.
  8. Wow... thank you all so much for the wonderful advice you all have given me. Just reading each one of these replies made me smile and feel much better. I really do appreciate you guys for responding to give me some sense of what I need do next. I know I am most definitely capable of scoring in the 160's range, the only problem for me was that I live in a very disruptive/toxic environment and because of COVID, I do not have any options to make my learning environment any better. I believe, that is one of the reasons why I couldn't prep at all for the LSAT; I just decided to give it my best that I could in the situation I was currently in. So basically to say, I did not use any proper resources for the past 2 tests I did. I briefly browsed KhanAcademy Prep and that was it. Yes, I know my score is definitely below average and my chances are probably zero for 2021, but I am have come to terms with that and I am now motivated to give it my all for 2022. However, yes I do feel proud knowing I made a decent jump from a score of 134 to 142 within a 2 month time frame and this gives me a lot of hope. With intensive preparation, i'll be capable of scoring a lot higher. I did cancel my first score, the 134 so it would not be shown. From all the advice given here, I just purchased the 7stage at this moment and will pair it along with the lsat trainer. I'll start my dedication to study from today and work towards writing my next LSAT late this year, around August or September 2021. Sucks that this will be my THIRD attempt at it but oh well. I have already completed my studies, I graduated in Nov2019 from CarletonU. I think what I can do in terms of my CPGA, is maybe I can take free courses from Harvard, to show initiative. Or... I can simply redo my courses from first/second year that I did horrible in. I don't know which option is wise for the CGPA aspect. Do I have a non-law school plan B? - Honestly, becoming a human rights lawyer is my dream and I will fulfill it, whether it takes me time or not. Since I now believe I have been backed up by another year to get in, in the mean time I will be applying to jobs and try to work in the government that relates to my field of study. I graduated with a BA Honours in Criminology and Criminal Justice with a concentration in Law. Thank you all once again, kindness is such a beautiful thing.
  9. Has anyone ever got in with a 142 score or anything in the 40's range? I'm disappointed/discouraged but also I am happy in some sense. The first time I wrote the test was in Nov2020 where I scored a 134. I tried again 2 months later in Jan2021 where I scored a 142. For both these instances, I lacked preparation big time. Loads of family conflict between. But it is at-least a jump from my first score right? I guess my chances are very bleak right now for 2021 entry. Most likely need to swallow the fact I won't get accepted. 2022 would be my year... so that being said, What can you guys recommend for me to do? I have the LSAT TRAINER, I am going to also purchase 7stage starting today. Is there anything else I really need if I got these two resources? ALSO, when should I write my test again, considering that I am working towards the 2022 cycle? August 2021 perhaps? That gives me 7 months from now. (btw my cgpa calculated by soap is 2.91... but from what I was told by my uni was a 3.33) my last 2 years gpa would be even greater.
  10. That is all very helpful! Thank you so much.
  11. I have a quick question, I don't know if anyone would know the answer to this. I have applied for the 2021 cycle for law schools in Ontario and the only factor remaining in the completion of my application was the LSATS. I wrote the LSATS for the first time this past November and it did not go well. I am going to write the LSATS again this month but I have a feeling there would not be much growth. I am coming to the conclusion that I may have to apply for the 2022 cycle which, on a positive look, gives me a good amount of time to prepare. Now the question is, since I had already written my personal statements and got my reference letters, would I need to re-do the entire application process of asking professors to re-write their references for me again for 2022 when the time comes? as well as my statements? Like am I able to give the same references and statements if nothing from that has changed at all? Would it be on file or completely removed once the 2021 is complete? Any insight would be appreciated, thank-you.
  12. I wrote it today for the first time and I froze. I think it went really bad, I couldn't keep up with time at all. Cried my eyes out and about to call it a day ...
  13. Nevermind, I called LSAC and figured it out.
  14. I have been looking everywhere on the lsac website to purchase the score preview but I cant seem to find it. Can someone help me out and let me know where exactly I can find it on the site so I can purchase it. Thankyou!
  15. Hi! I’m in a bit if a dilemma right now and I don’t know what to do and who to talk to. I have finished the application process and submitted it by the deadline Nov. 1st. The only thing missing from that is the LSAT score. I am writing my first LSAT test this coming Wednesday November 11. Regretably, due to extreme personal/familial circumstances, I am not at all prepared to excel. I can either write the test with whatever I can master and see what happens or I choose to write the January test instead. Theres only 3 days left until the test. What is wise? I spent money that I wont get back, so might as well just give it a shot (with a score preview option to cancel my score if its bad) and then retry in January? Or should I not write the test at all in Nov? All the universities I applied to accept January lsat scores. Would it look bad that my first attempt was horrible (if it turns out horrible)? Another question thats kind of off topic: Suppose I decide to not go thru with any of it and want to apply for 2022 year instead. During the application process of 2022, would I have to get my profs to re-write me letters of references and rewrite my personal statements all over again? Or is there a way to save all that?
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