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  1. anyone have tips for imagining the possible sequences/orders of the games in my head, without writing out every possible scenario? how can i get quicker at these types of games? thanks!
  2. hi! i'm going into my third year of undergrad. i'm planning on taking the October LSAT because my travel plans were cancelled and I can devote all my time to studying this summer and September because classes are all online. can i take the LSAT basically a year in advance of when I actually apply to law schools? how would the schools get my scores if I do this? also will it look like I tried to take the easy route by taking the LSAT Flex by taking the LSAT a year in advance of when people normally do?
  3. To clear things out of the way, I got a 147 diagnostic on Khan Academy and a 143 on the diagnostic on LSAC. I want to bring my score up as much as possible by Oct or Nov (ideally a 170). I've heard so many great things about Yoni but I'm just unsure if taking his prep course will be enough on its own? Should I buy any textbooks if I choose the Harvard Ready route? The PowerScore books or Mike Kim's LSAT Trainer are the ones I'm really considering. I've also been recommended 7Sage, but again, should I do a combination? Choose only one? Thanks!
  4. hi everyone, the title speaks for itself. i can't afford any classes or tutors (or textbooks for that matter) so i'm planning to study by myself starting july. i think i'll be sticking with the free Khan Academy course online, but what other resources do you know of and recommend? also, i found some old prep tests online, but where can i find the answers for them? UofT and York are my only options because I can't afford anywhere far from home, so I know my LSAT score has to be competitive. any ideas?
  5. my grades aren't really the best this semester (due to COVID-19 and personal issues) so i might replace a final grade with the CRD option. would this negatively impact my chances of getting into UofT?
  6. i'm planning to take the LSAT on August 29 for the first time. i'll likely start studying after my finals (so around the end of april). this is the first time i'll be studying any logic or lsat related stuff, ever- any tips on how to start or how to study? (i can't afford a tutor/classes so i'll be studying mostly on my own)
  7. hey everyone! maybe i'm too naive or just ambitious, but i want to get a perfect score on the LSAT. i'm a second year undergrad, so i think starting to study now might be helpful, and i can take the test a few times if i mess up. any tips? anyone get a perfect score and can give some help?
  8. hey! i'm a second year undergrad student. i'm aiming to get into u of t law. i know it's very competitive, to say the least. i have no idea whatsoever in how to start studying for the LSAT. any tips for a beginner? also, what kind of extracurriculars or volunteering should i do? i have nothing special to write in my personal essays. i would appreciate any help at all, thanks so much!
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