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  1. i'm not bad at logic games and logical reasoning, but i've been putting off studying for the reading comp and now i only have a few weeks until june LSAT. any tips on how i should approach this section to boost my score?
  2. what is the acceptance rate/number of acceptances sent out every year for u of t? i read somewhere that osgoode is something like 600 offers.
  3. here a year later and yup i can confirm. definitely too naive, stupidly ambitious, and blissfully unaware of the upcoming pandemic that will upend everything. ah, wish i could go back.
  4. the LSAC website is very US-centric. how would someone who is applying to law schools in Ontario use it? just for an LSAT score (submitted through OLSAS)?
  5. Do you think the June LSAT will be Flex?
  6. hey everyone, i've been scouring the acceptance threads on this site and i've seen a lot of people mentioning their EC's, specifically in regards to Osgoode and UofT. i thought we only needed personal essays and reference letters (and obv the LSAT) and not a resume, so why do people mention what their EC's were? is it an advantage to list these in the essays in your application? thanks!
  7. totally relate to the toronto thing. i hope everything works out - keep your head up!
  8. Thank you. I just read your gratitude post - so inspiring! All the best to you and happy new year!
  9. what is the best way to take prep tests and properly review them? i've heard that people take the same test untimed afterwards; where can we find explanations to the answers that we got wrong? also, i do not have a printer so i will be using my laptop to take tests if that matters.
  10. my grades in first year were horrible (health reasons, depression etc), and i thought i could make up for it in my 2nd, 3rd and 4th year for the B3 gpa calculations. my grades have improved but i'll be applying when i'm in 4th year, so does that mean they will consider my first year as part of my B3?
  11. i've heard i should save the 80s for practice closer to my test date, and i want to take as many as i can in the month before. where should i start? is there a difference?
  12. you're my fav HR instructor for a reason! thanks Allan and see you (on zoom) soon!!
  13. anyone have tips for imagining the possible sequences/orders of the games in my head, without writing out every possible scenario? how can i get quicker at these types of games? thanks!
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