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  1. You mean to ask who am I? That’s one secret I’ll never tell, xoxo gossip girl
  2. Nope, cut off is fall 2019 credit hours-but if you have 90 or over, they will drop your lowest 18(or more depending on how many credits you have)
  3. I got an interview, they are taking place on Mar 7 and 8, and the deadline to respond is feb 18 at noon. So I assume this is when they will release more spots.
  4. I have no doubts that you'll get in off the waitlist. You should be in before the MB waitlist is created. Fingers crossed for you.
  5. I emailed admissions and they said those who are getting interviews will find out shortly (I can't help think that this means today or the next few days...). It has to be really soon, because they can't tell you you're getting an interview with less than 2 weeks notice, right? Some people have to travel here. We know the interviews will take place on March 6 and 7. Do we know how soon after that, that the acceptances are given for IC?
  6. I emailed Marie today and she told me the index score cut off this year is 76.285. So, if you’re above this, you’ll get in the second round, and if not, waitlisted.
  7. You will probably get in off the waitlist, almost definitely off of the MB waitlist! I would register for the September or October LSAT, that way you don't have to register for it until july/august-ish, and that way you will more likely have found out if you're in or not! LSAC hardly gives a refund, so if I were you I would wait to see if you're accepted off the MB waitlist before registering for another LSAT.
  8. Since there are the added LSAT dates starting this year, it is my understanding that the dates acceptances go out are slightly different than previous years. Obviously the first round of acceptances has come out, and I noticed that some who were accepted had stats really similar to mine. Do we know when the next round will come out? I thought I would get in off the MB waitlist but now I'm wondering if I have a chance at regular admission. agpa: 4.15 LSAT: 156 index: 76.13
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