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  1. Wouldn't have accepted so no skin off my back GPA: 3.25 LSAT: 159
  2. accepted off the waitlist L2 3.4ish, LSAT 159, a lot of ECs + solid references
  3. It's April.. anyone else still incomplete?
  4. Just got the email, frankly was not expecting it- thought I would be cut for sure AGPA: 3.4 LSAT: 159 Decent references + EC's
  5. Waitlisted at 85. LSAT:159 AGPA: 3.67 Index Score: 73.25
  6. I wrote in January and it still says not received!
  7. Sorry late to the game on this one- my 20th course was a six credit hour full year course (Fall- Winter)- does that mean they count the entire year of course including my individual fall and winter ones? Or only the full year courses? when calculating my L20.
  8. Last 20: 3.5 LSAT: 159 Solid personal statement, Solid references- one academic, one professional, decent ECs. My last reference just cleared, not sure what to expect. Just looking for some insight! Thanks
  9. Yes I'm a MB resident! thanks! I'm just trying to figure out if its worth studying and signing up for another LSAT
  10. Index score of 73.83. Unsure of whether I'll have to wait and reapply with a higher the lsat/how many people get waitlisted with my score
  11. @apps2020 thanks for your response! I had to cancel my Sept LSAT cause those logic games took me for a riiide but congrats!
  12. obviously wasn't accepted hence my post but at the open house in October they were really pushing the pillars and emphasizing that they were important to talk about so I kindve used them as a spring board to talk about revamping parts of the justice system and looking at new perspectives in tackling social problems
  13. Uhhh ok this is what the website says: Part A (maximum 2,500 characters) serves as an opportunity to highlight what you see as your strengths, challenges and relevant experiences, and to give the Admissions Committee a sense of why you believe you would provide a positive contribution to Ryerson Law. Your answer to this part should touch on at least two of the following themes: Ryerson’s JD program is built on a set of pillars that emphasize social innovation and its benefits. Social innovation requires that change happens at various levels, from individuals to institutions. It means being curious about the world and “doing things differently” to advance social goals, while being open to risk and having the capacity to respond to failure. Community engagement is often part of this process, and includes working individually or collaboratively to address these issues in a creative manner. Resilience is an important life skill. Some people face more significant barriers than others in life and in entering the legal profession and demonstrate resilience in overcoming them. Ryerson’s JD program includes elements such as bootcamps on technology and innovation as well as coding, and many of the mandatory courses have a technological component. You should feel free to discuss your comfort level with technology. I touched on the top two because like I said, technology is not my strength and thus not what I highlighted
  14. oh man you're talking about the video interview, I was thinking of the OLSAS app. I talked about the necessity of having a solid background in technology in a changing field and how I believe in the importance of a skill like coding- I honestly have no background in coding so I approached it from a different angle
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