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  1. Yeah I don’t really know what to say to that beyond the fact that stats aren’t the only thing considered...I believe entrance scholarships are awarded based on the characteristics statement and the finance form we had to submit with our applications. I’m honestly surprised I received one, but I’m also not going to say I don’t deserve it.
  2. They have already been sent out, I received notification of an entrance scholarship on Friday.
  3. Yes, you just need to have completed 60 credit hours. Otherwise they don’t care if you drop a class.
  4. I used the powerscore bibles and although I did not follow it exactly I found that it was helpful to learn some of every section weekly. I started doing weekly practice tests at the same time that I started studying, so I found that it was helpful to practice what I’d learned from my readings in every section of the test, building on it week after week. If you did it one at a time I would assume that it would be better to break up practice tests and focus on the sections you are reading about, however this would likely impact your stamina to withstand completing an entire LSAT. Alternatively, I would be concerned that if you did the full tests that you would not get enough out of the practice sections that you have not read anything about. I would also wonder if this might lead you to become comfortable using methods that may not have the best results, forcing yourself to unlearn them later. Obviously this is quite biased as I’m not sure what 7sage recommends, they may have a schedule that finds a way around these potential hurdles and there is probably someone who tried it and had better insight. As for powerscore, I had absolutely no issues and I don’t think I would have changed anything. Good luck!
  5. Accepted GPA: 4.08 LSAT: 160 Index: 78.6 ish
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