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  1. With only three months of law school remaining, I am unsure of what steps to take. During the 1L summer I offered to volunteer with numerous law firms but was unsuccessful I did some travelling over 1L summer and worked at my friend's transportation start-up over 2L summer Since the start of 2L, I have applied to virtually every opening I have seen in multiple provinces in many areas of law I believe I have decent work experience, I worked as an assistant finance manager at a car dealership for many years prior to law school My GPA in law school is just below 3. My undergrad in business was 3.6, with Dean's List for some semesters I have volunteered with PBSC, Student Legal Help, and the free legal guidance clinic in my city I have had my resume and cover letter examined by a few people, including career advisors at two different law schools I have gone to numerous networking events since 2L, including many CBA lunchtime meetings I have had coffee with people from 15+ different entities in my city I am a visible minority and speak 2 languages in addition to English Many students in my predicament are worried about securing an articling position. I share this concern, but cannot seem to figure out why a single place won't interview me. Any advice is appreciated. Thank you.
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