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  1. Just a small note - uOttawa doesn't have B- grades. It goes from B to C+
  2. Sorry! It’s a student-proposed internship. Basically an internship for course credits. Typically they are 3 credits (1 course)
  3. Also a uottawa student here who landed a job in the 2L Toronto recruit. I had an A- average, SPI experience, decent ECs, a part time job and got approximately 15 OCIs. I think networking with people at firms in the recruit is a great idea - both to get a good idea of what the firm culture is like and to get your name out there. I networked a lot with summer students and articling students. I definitely echo what @aw321 said about SPIs this summer. It’s a really great way to get some legal experience and it’s something that many of my interviewers asked me about. Take a look at the internship opportunities on Source! I got my SPI by reaching out to a legal organization and asking if I could do an SPI. There’s also the summer student support initiative that is organized by the faculty. The SPI is only 120 hours so you could definitely work a part-time job as well. I also recommend starting to work on your written materials sooner than later because you can spend more time to edit and make them the best you can. I started mine about 3-4 months before apps were due. I sent my cover letter to some upper year friends and they helped me a lot too. Best of luck! And feel free to message me directly if you have more personal questions
  4. Do the big bay st firms that still pay $1700/week make up for the discrepancy in some ways, seeing as they’re paying below market? (Ex: tuition bonus, etc). For example, I remember hearing that McCarthy’s ($1900/week) no longer pays a tuition bonus so it would end up working out to about the same dollar amount in the end for the $1700/week firms if they pay a tuition bonus.
  5. Haven't received mine yet - but I got an email with my start date
  6. Do Bay St. firms provide students with a stipend to create a proper WFH setup (ex: $X at the start of the summer to purchase supplies)? Or is it expected that students will have a decent setup?
  7. I’ve also heard of one firm starting may 10
  8. This is also unrelated but for those that secured a position through the formal recruit, when should we expect to receive our official offers in writing?
  9. I have been working approximately 10 hours/week throughout law school. I won't lie and say that it's been a walk in the park but I wouldn't have it any other way. I like that I'm able to get out of the law school bubble to do non-law related work. I was able to get above average grades (high B+) and secure a 2L summer position at a big law firm (not sure if that's what you want, but just saying this for reference). If you choose to work, just know that it won't be easy to balance law school and work, but it is possible (at least in my experience).
  10. Doing some sort of law-related volunteering or finding a non-legal job would definitely be beneficial for when you do the 2L recruit, especially for having recent experiences to talk about in your resume/cover letter/OCIs. While grades are important in terms of getting OCIs, they only get you in the door. You also need experiences to talk about in your interviews. I obviously don't know what your resume looks like now, but it would probably help you to seek volunteering/work opportunities this summer. For reference, during my 1L summer, I volunteered at a non-profit legal organization and worked full-time. I'm certain these experiences helped me land a job through the 2L recruit
  11. I think it has to do with timing (call day was literally yesterday and I’m sure wounds are still fresh) and just being a good sport. Of course ppl should be happy and proud of their accomplishments, but to openly brag about winning something so sought after, so soon after the recruit, is a bit much. And yes everyone will land a job eventually, but having empathy for others and taking other ppl’s feelings into consideration can go a long way
  12. While I do think people should be happy about landing a job, I think there could be a more appropriate way to share news with others in private. Also rather than posting an “I’m so happy to announce that x, y, z”, ppl could just update their work experience section when they start their summer jobs. Humility is so important, especially in a recruitment process like OCIs that are quite based on luck. (Full disclosure: I’m posting as someone who did secure a job but won’t be humble bragging on LinkedIn lol)
  13. I did it by responding to my PFO email
  14. Not at all! Just don't expect a response. After the 1L recruit last year, I asked for feedback and didn't receive a response. So the worst that can happen is they don't respond
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