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  1. what kinda errors? if it's an errant typo here or there, i don't think it matters that much (if they even notice) unless it hints at a pattern of sloppiness, lack of editing, etc. consistent in other documents
  2. @Lawskl123 nah, not its own category i can imagine it helping in their initial sorting process though (stats well below median not being outright rejected if a letter is included, something like that who knows)
  3. hey this is my second year applying, again including a letter of extenuating circumstances is the concern that it could cause delays in your application decision? cause i don't think you need to worry last year mine seemed about on par with others with my stats/category
  4. @cat123 it's like around 180 per cohort
  5. sure why not: well for one thing i don't know why you thought bolding that portion was some revelatory thing, i didn't bold it myself because it is included in what i bolded, indicated by the word "including"- my whole issue was associating some perceived increased rate of accepted indigenous, black, or "other minority" candidates with less "perfect" candidates being admitted so really you came in here misunderstanding the whole thing like a dumbass, but that's not the reason for the lol the lol was mostly at seeing yet another resentful dipshit with a mcgill-specific angst account bitching about the holistic process when it's literally the first thing one learns about mcgill law (i mean i thought it was funny at least) 😊
  6. ruiq is critiquing that construct (offered by someone else) just lol:
  7. thanks for the info, from the announcement: seems a stretch to go from that to: just reads iffy to me personally
  8. where is this coming from? which part of their website indicates this? last year their available pool of applicants was across the board more competitive (based on my refusal letter + their re-applicant workshop), i suspect the trend continues
  9. honestly i feel like i can infer a lot just from this one forum post of yours
  10. what's fair anyway i was rejected last year, and probably will be again this year, mcgill's holistic process/approach is still one of the main reasons i want to attend i don't know how much it plays out in real life, but i appreciate that an institution stands behind that idea at least... kinda warms my heart to see "low" stat people post in the accepted threads ❤️
  11. i'm a mature re-applicant with similar stats as well mature candidates tend to get interviewed which means later rounds of admission, not always the case though we're still fairly early in the process, so a lack of response is normal
  12. @LolaPillon waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too early to be freaking out we're still at the early stages edit: "I did not receive an email from them yet and I wrote the LSAT" you do have your LSAT score listed as being received in minerva though, right? other than the usual deadline/document related emails, there weren't any to do with the LSAT specifically
  13. edit: oh my bad, i thought this was a new thread for some reason even though i already posted on it 🥴 image still applies though!
  14. round II: let's goooooooooooo nah, no intermediate status for most of us it'll be RFR for many, many months
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