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  1. hi got no dog in this fight or anything but the subject matter caught my attention, so this is just an FYI sorta: i'm coming from a software background and your reluctance to treat this as being an understandable, human error because the root cause might be a software bug is kind of suspect logic (imo, sorry!) despite those debugging courses, and despite even rigorous bug testing in the development process (fantastical case, very seldom the reality in my experience working in a variety of orgs. and domains), it is an inevitability that bugs slip through the cracks, and the more obscure they are the easier they slip, and sometimes they are found in a closed-source library that you've imported, etc. so really, as far as the end-user goes, he or she may have done some innocent thing and triggered a very obscure bug resulting in the erroneous email (okay sure, kind of a convenient scenario but still very possible) best of luck and i hope it gets resolved in your favour! imma peace out nowwwwwww 😬 edit: don't get me wrong, i'd be so upset if i got this email lol... but i mean antagonizing the institution you're trying to join seems like a bad way to go either way
  2. they never consider the hidden costs of this drawn out admissions process: our beach bods 🥺
  3. i dunno, would you consider ever-increasing anxiety, paranoia, and binging to be good news? lol 🍬🎂🍪pls help
  4. ya, but the criteria for selection is more rigorous than University/Mature applicants and they seem to be subject to a lot more scrutiny while also competing for fewer spots (not to imply you are not competent/deserving, but sometimes things just play out the way they do, waddya gonna do c'est la vie) check this out: http://lrstv.mcgill.ca/ListRecordings.aspx?CourseID=21829 It features what should be a very encouraging account from a once-failed CEGEP applicant turned successful University applicant. I'd wager you feel a little better after watching it. Good luck, rooting for you (and for myself 😅) edit: My advice or at least how I'd approach it: Keep on going, and do not give any indication for the next round that your diligence or commitment to this has wavered (maintain grades, bang out a killer statement, reflect on your experience going from cegep to now, etc.).
  5. damn, looks like i already shot myself in the foot huh? s'ok, not my first time hahahaha i'm not too worried, i figured they'll understand if i leaned in to the personal part of the personal statement
  6. gotta agree with above my first reaction was "hmm... this person thinks their grades are worse than they actually are", with a great personal statement and obviously your continued success in your current degree... i don't see how that doesn't make for a strong applicant edit: i mean not like i know anything, i'm a fresh applicant this round myself, but it's from what i've picked up on from these forums
  7. hi all, another update: all interviews will now be conducted by means of a web-based system (details to come post-closure) hang in there, and stay safe! 😷
  8. yeah, they already accommodate out of province applicants with remote interviews so might just be it
  9. all interviews delayed indefinitely, faculty should be sending out further instructions/info to anyone that had been scheduled i'd be mad but a global pandemic interrupting my life goals is kind of par for the course
  10. i got an in-person interview scheduled as a university applicant, anyone else? my degree and work experience is stem field so i'm guessing they just want to see what's up
  11. 35 to all those whom i've given the relief of thinking "at least i'm not as old as that dude": you're welcome
  12. i've had upload new for the transcript and CV since the start of it
  13. probably not healthy or rational to be engaging in these negative what-ifs this early in the game, imo not knowing the exact process they use shouldn't mean you fill the void with the precise one that specifically makes your particular profile ineligible lol
  14. yo that they don't clearly prioritize by GPA only is one of the few things still giving me hope... i get the frustration though GPA: 3.8 / 4.3 which is on the iffy end 😧 EC: interesting internships and a couple years of work experience in the tech/software sector (it seems like this is considered at least 'good', i dunno) LORs: from professors under whom i performed well, they both got along really well with me but honestly who knows profs can be so fickle and rushed PS: this is the thing that'll make or break my application i think lol... i write passionately and assertively, with a creative flair whenever possible, so i hope the admission council is vibin' good luck, all!
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