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  1. yeah man i get drunk on other people's arrogance and elitism been intoxicated ever since i joined this forum
  2. maybe that seeped through in your writing? sorry for the rejection though, i know it really hurts even when we pretend it doesn't
  3. yes i see the typo, no i can't edit it anymore
  4. stop contriving ways to fault your application/self 🥴 people reviewing your file will likely do the opposite, plus as a CEGEP dropout your ECs seem cool af to me -- last year they were genuinely surprised by the increased number of early acceptances, and this year it seems like there's a 20-30% more applicants across the board (+ higher LSAT scores) some law schools are taking a wait-and-see approach (great video series btw): i know things don't apply 1:1 for canadian law schools, but i think safe to say they are swamped and may have tweaked their process a bit to compensate
  5. think we might be talking about different peeps hah , mine:
  6. uhh that i'm not sure about, i just did the one if the zoom french proficiency check is similar to past cycles' impromptu phone call, then yeah it's very different, the mature/CEGEP interview is more conversational i'd say prep for it like a legit job interview
  7. hi fellow olds someone did get contacted for an interview, they posted about it in another thread but dunno if that was a mature candidate i was interviewed last year (via zoom), it was mostly just a friendly conversation with two professors, they probed about expected stuff (motivation, personality fit, etc.) from what i've read, the CEGEP interviews are very similar
  8. hey they do take new grades into consideration: at least one person will see it since a final decision hasn't been rendered yet
  9. i always recommend a good password manager i'm logging into minerva and ruining my whole day at record speeds
  10. buddy no one here has to spend any effort in caricaturing you when you're doing such a good job unassisted as with most things, it's probably projection
  11. 🥳 there it is! everyone take a shot/hit! 🥳
  12. thanks, avoided the panic attack that would have triggered upon reading "Thank you once again for your interest in..." never let them say obsessively checking ls.ca is bad for your mental health
  13. check out this timestamp from the re-applicant workshop: https://youtu.be/wz2ohDl0UdU?t=2701 seems to apply and seems to be encouraging good luck!
  14. watch any account of adcomms members speaking of their experiences, they are building a class which involves a lot of micro and macro decisions when it comes to its composition, especially true for a school that could be considered top tier you just got shown that 21% (the largest of the chunks) of UofT admits are from deathly majors, what do you want law schools to do? dedicate half their fucking class to stem majors just to appease you and your friend's insecurities?
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