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  1. This was another thread that discussed similar issues as well for your reference @OnlyResident
  2. Thanks for sharing - this seems like a simple yet incredibly practical and strategic way to get into the proper mindset for beginning law school. And thanks for the tip on keeping some degree of activity to ease into that transition. That's important especially given the circumstances we are in.
  3. Definitely! I’ve been volunteering with some local organizations in my community which has been so valuable even for myself as a way to keep busy and active. Thanks for also offering some ways of how I can speak to this experience in the future - super helpful. Would you recommend any groups in specific? When I search on FB I only see other graduating class groups, but I thought they were only open to that cohort of students. We currently just have that group which the Admissions office set up. Do admin ever get off that group or do we have to set up our own student run group lol? Thanks for replying and sharing!
  4. Thanks! That sounds lovely, really wish I could be travelling right now. That’s kind of the answer I was hoping for 😂
  5. Not to sound over achiever but is there anything current / previous law students would suggest to do before starting law school that will help once you start? I ask only because of COVID my internships were cancelled so I find myself with a lot of extra time. Thanks!
  6. Hi there - incoming 1L as well. Regarding PSLOC apps, TD only asked me for a copy of drivers license, my acceptance letter, tuition deposit form and receipt of tuition deposit. I'm not sure if I'll have to provide proof of enrolment later on once I'm enrolled in courses etc.? But for now that seemed to be fine. For the degree registration status, mine also says invited. I'm pretty sure that only changes once you make the minimum payment required for the academic session. That deadline will come later in August/September (not exactly sure when it is). Right now we've only paid the deposit, which simply secures our position at the school.
  7. @garlicbread & @Notnotadog thank you both for your replies! very helpful!
  8. Just wanted to thank all the 1L's who have contributed to this thread! As an incoming UofT 1L, I greatly appreciate the honesty. I was also debating between UofT and Osgoode, and I feel validated knowing that many of you don't regret the decision to go with UofT, and that you have had a positive experience overall. Congrats on finishing your first year! I have a few questions if you wouldn't mind answering: 1. I'm wondering is it possible/feasible to participate in the corporate law 1L recruit as well as pursue the less popular social justice oriented positions? Or would you say the time commitment and energy required for a recruit is too much to do both? 2. What is the diversity of each class generally like? And are people overall nice? I guess UofT has the rep of being very competitive and that makes me think people might be mean... 3. How many extra-curriculars is typically to be engaged in during first year? I can only imagine how many cool things there will be, and I know I struggle with limiting the amount of stuff I do. But I'm also super mindful of how demanding school work will be, and don't want to overwhelm myself. Any tips on that would be appreciated!
  9. Important questions to ask thank you!
  10. These were great insights thank you, I’m going to look into the location factor a bit more since I will be commuting probably. Also realizing from this thread I need to look into clinic offerings more. Thanks for taking the time to share!!!
  11. Haha any thoughts on why??
  12. That’s a great idea, thank you!
  13. Apologies if this topic has already started, couldn't find the forum though. I'm really struggling to decide between the two, what are some factors you think are important to consider when choosing between the two schools? Thanks!
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