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  1. In case anyone sees this and is worried about a bad 1L grade, figured it might be worth sharing that I also had a C in a 1L class. In the moment I thought it was a deal breaker and would ruin my chances. I just kept up a decent average and was able to get a ton of OCI's 👍
  2. I got invited to the dinner and there was no mention of a 2nd in-firm
  3. Yeah same here. Most of the firms I have either received an offer or can assume rejection since other friends have heard from them. None of us have heard anything from Fasken so I guess you're right.
  4. Should we assume all firms have sent out interview offers by now?
  5. Norton Rose in-firms also went out today. Anyone hear from Fasken?
  6. McMillan interview offer - email this morning
  7. Interview offers went out for Dentons, Vincent Dagenais Gibson, LaBarge, Brazeau, Perley-Robertson and DS. (Some of those I heard through friends)
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