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  1. I haven't even received the practice exams yet... You? Just want to make sure I'm not missing anything lol
  2. Let me make sure I understand - I paid over $100 for OLE to send me practice exams and indices for the June (now July) 2020 barrister/solicitor exams, which I *still* have not received. And now this fine group of people has put this here for free? Looks like very good quality too (from the few things I'm currently looking at). If only I had known haha This is amazing. THANK YOU ❤️
  3. Thank youuuu @Leviticus you're too kind! And @Lawlsohard Anytime!
  4. Yes, I just got hired at FCA a couple months ago. Thank you for pointing that out - I didn't realize how rare it was to get an interview for the first clerkship recruitment. All of this is great to know! Merci
  5. Thanks for the responses so far, everyone! @erinl2 Thank you, I never thought of that! Would it be possible to elaborate? And in terms of why, there are many reasons (for example, I am considering academia), but I am still reflecting and deliberating whether I will want to go ahead with this next year.
  6. I did clerkship recruitment this year, and I am considering applying again next year for the SCC (and only the SCC). What are your thoughts on applying for two clerkships back-to-back? Has anyone here done this? This is not a "what are my chances post," so I won't post about me. I will, however, say two things: (1) I do have a clerkship lined up at the FCA (which I am truly excited about!!); (2) I did not get an interview at the SCC this year (which makes me doubt that I would get an interview next year). Again, I don't want to assess my chances here as I know chances are always low at the SCC. The thought has crossed my mind a few times this month, so I thought I might ask around for opinions. I appreciate a wide range of comments, as I'd like to look at every angle before deciding to apply again. Finally, I should add that the main concern *at this early point* is asking my references for yet another letter, especially since I don't know that I'll be able to find new references in the next 6 months.
  7. Has anyone ordered indices and the early bird bar exam package from Ontario Law Exams and NOT received them yet?! Their website says there is a delay because of COVID, which makes sense, but just want to see if anyone else here is having the same experience.
  8. Thank you! I am super paranoid about failing (probably like a lot of people out there haha)... Did you take any notes or make any summaries during the process to help retain the info better? Trying to make myself a study plan and figure out the best methods. @HelloSir80
  9. Same here! Would really appreciate any summaries/charts. Also, would anyone have any fairly recent indices? I don't know many ppl who have done the Ontario bar, so this is all really new for me. I would love to see what others have done/receive any advice for indexing when you don't have a group to work with.
  10. I was given until tomorrow to accept, so I imagine that the other selected candidates were also given that timeframe or something similar. I imagine that after that, there may be a couple more FCA offers if those selected go to another court....
  11. Asking for a friend - have all FCA judges made their offers? Does anyone know? I received an offer Friday and I know a few people on here did also. Wondering if my friend can still have hope
  12. Not confident that I'll get an offer, but just re- etiquette.... Is it ok to say you'll think it over if it's over the phone (or even email, for that matter)? Or should we accept on the spot? I assume we can have some time to think it over, but ya never know....
  13. That was my reaction too! But it's just what I was told during an interview - the person said they, personally, would be making offers then, and they assumed that some others would too. To clarify, I am sure that there will continue to be interviews and offers until spring - it seems to be a very individualized process at FC!
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