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  1. For SCC interviews, what do they mean about the wifi connection thing?! I have a MacBook Air so I don't think I can get a plug in or anything to support the connection :S What are other SCC interviewees doing? I'm scared and a clueless millennial when it comes to tech stuff
  2. In previous years, they've often gone out the second Wednesday in February. So, I think so
  3. Also just incapable of focusing lately, and so darned tired all the time. I'm discouraged and I feel like there's no end in sight. Took the weekend to rest up, which helped only marginally... Not really sure what it's going to take to *wake up* again and focus on all the %$*! I have to do!
  4. I'm curious to know what it's like working for government as a lawyer. What kind of position do you have (i.e., do you work for a Bureau, DoJ, etc)? How did you get your position, if not through a summer OCI job? Does anyone have experience with the government job pool post FC/FCA clerkship? What is your work-life balance like? What's the salary like? Is it advisable to grind out a couple of years in private practice and then decide? Lots of questions, I know... But I'm genuinely curious as someone who has only worked in private practice as a student. I don't enjoy the politics at big firms, and I find that it can be a bit toxic. While the work is interesting and the pay is great, I feel like life's just to short to do something that gives me immeasurable anxiety everyday. Something that I'm really thinking a lot about lately is work-life balance. I want to do litigation, and I want to know if a legal career in government allows for pursuing my career dreams while also living a more balanced life.
  5. I had FCA interviews in the first couple of weeks of February last year, and FC interviews throughout February and March. In terms of offers, I was fortunate to receive my FCA call on the first Friday in March and my FC call came about 30 minutes later. But I think that's just because the FC judge who gave me an offer did their hiring earlier in the process. Many FC judges consider applicants throughout the winter (and apparently some until spring)! So, I think that for FC, it's still very early.
  6. I asked my career office last year when I had applied. They told me that in previous years they interviewed ~80 out of 200 applications...
  7. Good luck! Judges interview different numbers of people - some interview only a handful while others interview a number of people. It's quite different depending on the judge, as they are looking for different things (most of all how you would work together because it's a one on one clerkship for the whole year). It's one of those things that does involve some luck, though solid references, grades, and ECs are helpful. Given that those selected for interviews roughly have that, I do think that the interview is a very important part of the process. One thing that every interview tested big time was French. I had 4 interviews in total (2 at FC, 2 at FCA). One interview was completely in French, while the others were French and English to varying degrees. But that's probably also something that some judges look for more than others. So, don't worry if you don't speak French - I believe that there are unilingual clerks each year! I wasn't tested on much substantive law, except for in one interview (a case of my own choice). **** An anecdote for you. The morning before my first interview, I was so nervous and intimidated. I got sick to my stomach about 20 minutes before the interview because of the anxiety (in the washroom in the basement of the FCA building - yay, thank goodness I had a mint). I walked into the judge's office and was certain I was going to puke or faint or both. I was totally uptight and they could tell. Not off to a good start. I said to myself, *#$ it! This is over so I might as well just relax and try to enjoy the next 30 minutes!! Ended up getting a call from this judge a few weeks later. SO, no matter how cruddy you feel, don't give up before, during, or after the interview - these things are tough and the competition is real. There are more qualified candidates than there are positions (or even interviews), so just try to be kind of yourself (and, if you can, don't follow in my footsteps of puking right before an interview!)
  8. Trust me, it is hard to wait! But the call/emails will come - and if they don't, it doesn't say anything about you at all. It's a process and, like a lot of things in life, there is some luck involved.
  9. I don't know about ONCA, but FCA called me once the first week of February and once the second week - it varies according to the judge. FC, I got emails throughout February and March, but apparently it can go until June. So, hold tight - it's likely a bit soon
  10. OCIs could distract you from your schoolwork this semester and plunge your grades even lower - you might want to wait until articling recruitment and do everything you can to pull up this semester's grades to even things out before then. I know finding a job is absolutely important, but if you strike out in OCIs this semester and get bad grades, it could be even harder in the future. Just my 2c.
  11. Definitely a bit early, but I actually would encourage anyone to have a few options available just in case. You'll probably get into law school, but you may not get into your first choice (no clue - just hypothetically speaking)! If you can afford to apply to maybe 1 or 2 MA programs, that might help with your concern because you won't be scrambling to figure something out come summertime... As a personal anecdote, I had a 96% average in undergrad (no clue what the OLSAS conversion is). I applied to 3 MA programs and 1 law school. Got rejected from 2 MA programs, accepted to 1 MA and my law school. Going in, I thought I'd get in everywhere because of my grades, ECs, and LORs (no LSAT). It goes to show that you should never say never. Admissions can be nebulous, so I would encourage you to branch out and have a Plan B regardless of your stats.
  12. Also consider how nerve-wrecking exams are: don't you want to feel like you've done everything in your power to do well? Only reading other students' notes isn't exactly a confidence booster, especially when they may be incorrect. The fact that you've posted this question here during exam season might attest to that.
  13. Yes. For contracts, my prof didn't even include my midterm (15%) in my final grade because there was such a dramatic improvement. So, do your best but treat it as a learning experience. I don't know your school but usually midterms don't count for much.
  14. Depends on the school you go to. Some schools allow you to do minors in certain languages - plenty of people at my faculty did that and learned different languages (French, Spanish, Russian, German, and Mandarin that I know of). I would encourage it if you're interested - though you may have to wait until after 1L to start doing that kind of stuff.
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