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  1. Thank you for this. Would anyone know about the FCA specifically? I would assume it's a similar process, though I have heard that there is some sort of informal recruitment process?
  2. My advice to anyone who is thinking about law school: don't do law school unless you 100% want it. This is not an easy path and there are setbacks every step of the way. The only way to get through this is by being determined, and in my experience, my determination has stemmed from an absolute belief that this is the career that I want. I would do the 18 months to prep for medical school and continue pondering your interest in the law. Then, you could apply to both med and law school if you're still interested, and see where it takes you from there.
  3. I don't but I might caution against making it too detailed. Do what is best for you, but I loved the dtoc because it was super short and made it easy to find something faster when it wasn't in my indices. Just my 2c!
  4. I think it's excellent and demonstrates discipline. There were a few people at my law school with a military background (not sure about their ECs and the like, though), and they all seem to have been fine. Depending on the school, if your grades and LoRs are strong, you should be fine.
  5. I do get the sense that the Vancouver market is a bit insular (just an observation - correct me if I'm wrong), and so some employers do want to know why Vancouver despite strong stats... How would you get that info (i.e., SO in Vancouver) across, just to let them know that you're am not randomly applying to Vancouver? It seems inappropriate to include in a cover letter...
  6. SOLICITORS ARE OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Pass/pass - so relieved. For anyone who didn't get good news today, stay strong. These are tough exams and they are in no way a measure of our intelligence or capabilities as jurists.
  7. Interesting... I wonder, if you have zero connections to BC, except, for example, your spouse, partner, etc., how would you get that across when applying for jobs there? I imagine it helps to show a BC connection, but it also doesn't seem like the kind of thing you would put into a CV or cover letter 😆
  8. They most certainly are out! No clue how, but I passed the barrister. Now, to pray for that solicitor result lol
  9. Does anyone have advice on finding a job after a judicial clerkship? I have heard that firms like to hire clerks, but I am really not familiar with how this all works. I appreciate any words of advice, and I would love to learn about any experiences that you or people you know may have had. :) A bit about me: I am interested in commercial litigation. I will be clerking at the FCA. In terms of the market, I am doing the Ontario licensing process and I would love to work in Toronto.
  10. Yeah, I keep wondering whether we will have to actually wait until the 28th - feels like an eternity! realistically, we probably will have to ugh
  11. Anyone feeling insane POST-bar exam nerves?! I am more terrified now than before the actual exams lol I guess we'll have to wait until September 28th for those barrister results ...
  12. Thank you @TKNumber3 - I'll look into it, though I am specifically looking for a course in Patent Law.
  13. I finished law school already and I was never able to take a course on patent law (it wasn't offered in 2L and in 3L I had a schedule conflict). Since I now have a bit of a break from school and work, I want to learn about Canadian patent law and theory. Has anyone taken any online patent courses? Does anyone know of anything relatively affordable? (I know that I can apply to take a patent course as a special student at a law school; however, I'd rather ask my references for their support for other endeavours.) I appreciate any ideas and input! Thank you
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