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  1. I've read and re-read it, thanks. You can apply to challenge the courses by taking the exams. As far as I understand it the "two years' courses" essentially are the 5 courses (or 7 if you don't get your schooling in a common-law country) I was talking about. At least that is the way I understand it. I have emailed the NCA for clarification on that. If I still need to actually commit to two years after the USQ - so be it! That would still equal the same amount of time it would take to re-write my LSAT and re-apply to the UofA next year, rather than start now, take 2.5 years online and two years in-class. I don't have the luxury of choosing law schools, unfortunately. I need to stay where my children are.
  2. Australia is a common law country and I've already looked into taking the 5 accreditation courses specific to Canadian law I will need to take afterwards to be able to work in Alberta. I can either take the 5 courses or challenge the exams. Either way the process should theoretically take the same amount of time to get me to the same point. If I do get accepted at the U of A, I would be very happy, but at this point, I'm also very excited to start my courses in July through USQ. There are some exciting international law courses I'm interested in. Also, it allows me to continue to work part time as a legal assistant - which for me, is essential as a single mom of two.
  3. Where did you find an online juris doctor course for only 12k per year haha? I'm currently waiting to hear if I've been accepted at U of A but in the meantime have secured my education at University of Southern Queensland (completely online). I like online education too. I got my undergrad that way and it's fantastic for those who have other commitments like family or career. It's so frustrating that there aren't more fully online juris doctor programs out there, and none in Canada. 😕 I'm all for it and I do believe that this crisis is the impetus that may get juris doctor programs on-board with the rest of society - to the chagrin of many many potential students on this site...but hey....!
  4. Why not? There is no reason to believe that your courses will be any less valuable to you than being in a room filled with people taught by an actual live instructor. The world is perfectly set up digitally to have instructors give live or pre-recorded sessions or even conduct live video conference classes. We have had the technology for a long time - but for some reason haven't used it to its fullest potential. Or .... are you just afraid of the stigma that seems to be so prevalently associated with online courses among many people on this site?
  5. Does anyone know if the process will be hindered due to the COVID-19 crisis?
  6. Thank you for this. You have given me hope. ❤️
  7. You’re probably right about that.
  8. Oh I can definitely do better. In practice exams I consistently score 156. What makes things challenging is that the UofA averages the scores! Perhaps I should have said something about that in my personal statement. I hadn’t received my score until after the personal statement deadline. Downfall of writing my LSAT in January....
  9. Stats aren’t dazzling I’m afraid! 3.62 gpa and 150 lsat, hence why I’m 🤞🏻🤞🏻 for the holistic review. I’ve worked several years as a legal assistant and helped write and present a paper for a LESA seminar... I’m hoping that counts for something! 😅
  10. Does anyone know when the admissions review team starts their holistic review process, how long it usually takes, and when I can expect to hear ye or nay?
  11. Hi! This thread is the first I have heard about calculations and indexes....can you please explain?
  12. I’m hoping to get accepted after the holistic review process. Any idea when the U of A begins that process? When did you receive your acceptance?
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