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  1. Should I just make one? My buddy at the University of Alberta made one for the Class of 2023...?
  2. Pretty much what the title says. I think it would be cool to see potential future classmates and all, especially this early.
  3. Thanks! Haha, I currently attend the U of A and have spent the majority of my life here, so it would be nice to at least have the option to choose between the two schools.
  4. Just did the calculations and I am at a 240.125, which I guess is what below what I need to get in. I already got into UCalgary already, so I am not too worried, but let's see!
  5. Thank you! I am not entirely sure on where I will be accepting (as I have also applied to the University of Alberta and also Calgary's MPP). I wrote the July 2019 LSAT and finished my application just days before the original deadline.
  6. Got the email today! Applied to U of C and U of A GPA L2: 3.6 LSAT: 152, 163 I think I had especially strong ECs to have gotten in at this point, but no complaints here!
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