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  1. I saw somewhere that there are summer terms in UVic law, that you can take courses during the summer. What's the purpose of these? Can you acquire credits sooner and graduate sooner by taking summer courses every summer (sooner than the 3 years)? If not, what's its purpose?
  2. From what I understand there are no breaks at all. Reading breaks are cut out from both yearly terms. Just the obvious winter and summer breaks is all we got.
  3. So I've been admitted into UVic and the admission letter says I need to send them an "acceptance letter" to confirm that I'm attending, alongside the fee. What exactly does this mean? Can I just write them back in email saying I accept the offer and will attend UVic, or do I have to write an actual full blown letter? To those who have been admitted to UVic and have accepted the offer: what did you do?
  4. I just got accepted via email. GPA: I have no idea LSAT: 167 I won't be going though because I already got accepted into my target school.
  5. I'm in! I got the call about an hour ago. JD program. LSAT: 167 CGPA: 3.62 (after drops) Index score: approx. 921.9 according to my own calculation. My application was submitted in late November. Had some solid work experience, volunteering, and a Master's Degree. Strong Personal Statement too if I say so myself. I'm quite excited. UVic was my first choice so I will definitely be attending in the Fall. I look forward to meeting some of you. Good luck to all others waiting!
  6. They're still admitting the late November applicants currently. So about halfway give or take.
  7. You have the exact same stats as me except I got a 167. We have high index scores (over 920) so we should get in, we have very high channces. When did you apply? Last I checked from the admissions thread, they're still admitting people from early-to-mid November, so if you applied after that they might get to you soon.
  8. It's a necessary struggle. However, it can be quite enjoyable in some respects, depending your legal interests.
  9. Don't forget to mention when you applied!
  10. What?? They began accepting people as of late November 2020. For JD at least. Check the accepted thread.
  11. I'm gonna say there's a 66% chance that Fall 2021 will be in person. The upcoming UVic summer term is actually partly in-person for undergrads if I recall correct. That's a good step towards making Fall in-person if all goes well.
  12. Yes that's normal. It takes up to a couple of weeks for them to update the status of your application after its been submitted.
  13. How chaotic is law school? Do you study every waking hour and are you unable to ever find free time? Are the readings so astronomical that it takes up most of your day? Are the exams and assignments very hardly graded, significantly harder than undergrad? How important are grades in law school 1L? If you don't get top tier grades are you screwed for future employment opportunities? have fun answering.
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