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  1. I appreciate the thoughtful response, CleanHands. I'm still committed to rewriting this month (because I've already dropped the $200 fee and that ain't nothin' for me), but I'm sure not enthusiastic about it, because you're right, the JD ship has sailed. If I nail it, I'll try and see what I can swing, but sure I won't be asking here about it again. I mentioned it elsewhere, but I have talked to program directors about potentially shifting things around, and they haven't said no. They haven't said, but they haven't said no. Best of luck to the rest of you.
  2. I'll probably skip the JD altogether, it's not worth a delay when I'm in my 30s. That's assuming I get into the PhD program, which is the goal. It's a unique program and I have a strange professional and academic background. My interest in law was only as a supplement to the PhD program, but I simply didn't perform well enough on LSAT and I'm out of time.
  3. You folks must have good Tetris skills, because you're certainly lacking in reading comprehension. I am asking this question (which is not the same as other questions I have posted, this should be obvious) here, because the folks in admissions and the relevant faculties I have spoken to have not given me a straight answer (including a 'no'). Therefore, it is worth investigating whether there is precedent. I do not feel 'entitled' to being an exception- I feel it would be embarrassingly stupid not to ask. This should be simple. So, should I assume NONE of the responses here are from people in a Joint Programme, and instead, are from people looking to stroke their insecure egos? Does anyone have a real answer that isn't copy/pasted from a website I've obviously already seen, or do you just want to waste more time?
  4. Again, separate questions, that's why they are separate posts. This isn't a logic game. Has anyone ever started the JD portion of a PhD/JD program in the second year, rather than the first? That is the question. You're referring to another question that has already been answered and was not asked in this thread.
  5. Any JD/PhD students every hornswaggle their way to starting the JD in year 2, not 1? It seems all the programs are designed to have the first year of study focused on Law, has anyone here ever managed to get that switched around?
  6. So, realistically, they might still have unfilled spots after all three official admission rounds.
  7. How does the last round of offers work? Is it filling in the spots of people who said no in round 2?
  8. Is that all I can do? Are there specific people who are better than others to ask? Are there better ways of asking than email?
  9. January is the cutoff. They're going to say no. How do I change the "no" to a "yes"?
  10. Anyways, I still have to write the damn thing again in February. I paid $200 for the privilege of doing so. I might as well give it my all and figure out some hail marys for how to get U of T to either accept that for 2020 or let me start law in second year. Assuming I get into the PhD side, and I finish my MA on time. I hate being 32. All you kids who are still 21, don't waste years like I did.
  11. Thanks, GrumpyMountie, and you're right in that's where I've sort of settled. The JD portion is not crucial for me, I just having to deal with the personal disappointment of not having done as well on the LSAT as I had hoped.
  12. "If my academic record is not competitive, will it help if I complete a graduate degree? A very strong performance in a graduate program may overcome modest weaknesses in an undergraduate record, but will not usually overcome an undergraduate record which is otherwise uncompetitive." Oof yeah I give up if they care that much about my grades when I was 21 it's not worth it.
  13. I'm definitely fucked then, because my undergraduate was dog shit. I was hoping this wouldn't be the case as it was 8 years ago. I've done a post-baccalaureate diploma, and graduate certificate, and an MA since then, not to mention had real work experience. If the whole calculation is down to LSAT+ undergrad I'm done for... unless I can get someone to accept my Feb LSAT result.
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