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  1. If you want to practice in the states, go to a law school in the states. If you are open to practice in Canada, you can consider UofT. But mind you that in Canada, since that we only have a handful of professional schools, most of them are very qualified and the education would be more consistent. Therefore, when firms are hiring, they wouldn't differentiate between school names as much as the American schools. (just to clarify im not saying that schools name dont matter at all, but saying that they are not weighted as much. I mean, there are >200 law schools in the states vs >20 in canada and some of the canadian law schools are very specialized in indigenous law lol) For example, if you graduate from T14 and want to get a job in the states, firms in the states will be fighting to get you. If you graduate from uoft and want to get a job in toronto, it really depends on a lot of other factors as well such as the area of law, your grades.....many more. That is why you are seeing students from smaller schools such as windsor getting spots on Bay street firms. (again not saying that grades dont matter at all in US schools, but you get what I am trying to get across here!). Good luck!
  2. Hello! I’m just curious about whether people who graduated from queens law get jobs at NYC? How did they do that?
  3. I’m guessing beside school names, how you did in school also matters. Like if you are the top of your law school (like McGill/osgoode/queens...) you might have more of a shot compare to if you are ar the mediocre or bottom range of uoft law. I also think the type of law you want to practice and your experiences before law school would affect your chances. For example, if you want to do patent law and you have a PhD from, let’s say uoft or another well known school in Canada like UBC, you might have an edge to find a job around NYC. Depends on how much ability you show on your resume and your performance in law school.
  4. Absolutely! Omg Thank you. I feel like when ppl don’t understand something they just assume and attack. No need to do that here.
  5. It’s not about the word choice, it’s about defining a word before you use the word. and tbh what do you mean competitive? Aren’t you talking about just having a “better” academic profile? Isn’t that also a form of “being better?” perhaps we are talking about the same things and are at the same page. but before you throw out comments “disagreeing” some others, perhaps make sure you are “disagreeing” the things you actually mean to. you don’t have to imagine anything. There are many things where professional students are “better” than normal undergrads. You know what these are and these were the ones I was talking about. If you didn’t know what i was talking about now you know. Alright? Just chill bro
  6. Well, are you talking about gpa or lsat or what? Like if we are comparing we need a baseline right? I was talking about in terms of how professional schools select ppl, based on their selection criteria, professional school students are in that case, “better than the other undergrads”. Right? How about you tell me what criteria you are using first before making any comparison or else I have no idea what you are comparing right here? Lol and tbh I was just curious about the law related ceremonies and how wearing backpacks and other things would make law students feel more engaged and belonging to the law group. Please tell me what you are trying to accomplish here by telling ppl that they are not any better. Like are you trying to teach ppl to be humble or what?
  7. title : "law student" lol I would argue that ppl in professional schools are better than just "undergrads" in general. If they are not that much better, then why having the rigorous selection system to just "get in" right? and if ppl who worked really hard to get into professional schools dont get to at least get a shirt or a backpack to acknowledge the hard work they just put in (the GPA, LSAT, ECs, References...etc) then who on-campus should and why not?
  8. Does anyone have any positive things to say to encourage the new law students about their new title?
  9. Ohh!! I mean good by just helping ppl in general. Like for me even having contracts prepared for ppl and providing legal advice are certain forms of help (lawyers studied so much just to be able to do these). I agree with you, ppl think physicians are there to save lives but you know a good amount of them are there for the $$$$$. I’m sure this happens in other fields too!!
  10. Wow thanks for sharing all of these stories guys. I feel like being a professional itself isn’t easy as ppl would always be asking for your knowledge or advice. But I do feel like lawyers (of course the ones that are doing good for the society) should be proud of what they do!
  11. thanks that super useful. Can we start a backpack for law students? or like a pin or something lol? I think that might strengthen the connection between law students and lawyers. They should be proud about themselves and the work they are doing for the society.
  12. Thanks for answering my question! is the "call to the bar" ceremony performed at the beginning of law school? or end?
  13. Hey guys Im just very curious. I know that for doctors they get white coat ceremony and have the white coat as a symbol for medicine. What about lawyers? do they also have a ceremony? what do they wear to symbolize that they are lawyers? I know that in japan they wear a pin with a balance on it. Just curious, thanks!
  14. Hello everyone, I was wondering that whether Queens has an issue with racism when it comes to non-whites? I am a woman of colour and I heard some stories about how ppl there have a lot of stereotypes. Sometimes it's not just about being up front racist, its could be, for example, ppl just "tend to" form groups or hang out with others that have the same skin colour as them. Or it could be that ppl who practice their own cultures are considered weird or unpopular which may have a negative impact on chances of, for example, getting leadership positions. Of course none of these would be talked about on the surface but do these underlying issues exist at Queens? Should I be concerned when applying to law schools?
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