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  1. My spot will be opening up for someone. Good luck!
  2. Might not be the update you're looking for, but I talked with Leanne a couple weeks ago with some questions about housing. She said that a current 1L rep would be putting together a facebook group or contacting accepted students in early May to welcome and provide information. For admissions, that could mean there might be another wave between now and then, who knows🤔. Early May gives at least a couple more weeks for some acceptances to potentially go out. Regardless, I have had friends get into TRU as late as the end of August and I do understand that the frustration of not knowing is unpleasant to say the least, but I imagine there are still a number of offers that will go out.
  3. Thanks! That's really helpful and exciting to hear.
  4. I was looking at the TRU community legal clinic website to see what sort of experience is offered. I noticed that CLC doesn't include criminal as a legal clinic under "Who Can Use TRU CLC", but it also doesn't include criminal offences in the list of things that is can't help with. https://www.tru.ca/law/students/outreach/Legal_Clinic.html This is the link I was looking at. I was wondering if anyone had any idea or experience with this and if TRU offers any criminal law clinics, perhaps assisting people with summary convictions? I was accepted back in December and have an interest in criminal law and was looking to see what is offered outside of a classroom. Thanks in advance for anyone with any insight
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