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  1. Hey! I really don't think that law schools care which school you went to at all. Not everyone can or wants to go to U of T and such, and it would likely make for a really bland, homogenous cohort if they only took students from "prestigious" universities. As for your stats, I'm not sure if your LSAT is good enough for a shoo-in at U of T, but I'm not exactly an expert on predicting chances like some on here. I'm sure those people will likely find their way here soon enough to pitch in their thoughts. I think it's worth a shot, though, you've got a great GPA and if you've got accomplishments as professional as you say, I wouldn't turn you away outright! In the meantime, I'd also consider somewhere like Osgoode, Western, Queens - they're great schools and your stats are (I believe) definitely competitive for them! I'd at least give them a look, you may be pleasantly surprised at what you find 😄
  2. Hi there! I just have some miscellaneous questions as I go through my OLSAS application: 1. Is it required that I submit my resume/CV for just regular general track programs at Osgoode, Western, Queens and Ottawa? (general admission) 2. For the Osgoode app, what is "performance consideration"? Should I fill that out as a third-year applicant? 3. For the Osgoode app, what is "work and life experience"? Again, should I fill that out as a third-year applicant? I feel like that's more for mature students but I figured I'd ask 4. For the Osgoode app, what is the difference between equity and diversity? 5. When schools ask you if you had previously applied to the school before, they just mean for law school, right? Like, applications to undergrad don't count as well? Thanks so much!
  3. It depends on what you got in your individual classes. Go to lawapplicants.ca and use the calculator there to find out what it would be once you weigh each class 😄
  4. So I know that we’re not meant to write about anything that we did in our high school days, and that’s something that I’m cool with, but it just occurred to me that the resume that I sent to all my referees have a few entries that are activities/awards from high school. Will it count against me if they happen to write about those in their letter? Should I ask for a copy of their letter to make sure if they did/didn’t? One referee had already sent theirs in out of three, should I email the remaining two letting them know for damage control? Am I screwed if the reference that already sent theirs in did write about high school? Oh man, this post was a lot longer than I was expecting it to be 🤣 I guess more questions kept tumbling out the more I wrote. I know this is probably a small, insignificant snag (if it even is anything at all, haha) in the whole scheme of the process, but if it’s a big deal I’d really like to know as soon as I can so I can figure out what to do next.
  5. @Ryn Not sure if you can/would be willing to answer this, but would a 3.92 cGPA and a 162 LSAT be competitive for a third year applicant that would be graduating with a three year degree if accepted?
  6. 1) Do we have to ask our verifiers to be verifiers, in the same way you'd ask someone to be a reference on your resume? 2) Who would we use to be a verifier for something like an extracurricular club? 3) How do you list a verifier for something like an award or a certificate? 4) What are some tips you would offer to decide which items to put in the sketch? 5) In the event that you don't have enough activities to make it into the 32-item max, does that count against you? Any help is appreciated - thanks so much!
  7. Hi there, so I requested my transcript from my school ages ago but it doesn't seem to have shown up yet in OLSAS. Are there any other steps to getting a transcript that I may have missed besides just adding a transcript request on OLSAS, and that's why I haven't gotten it in yet? Do I perhaps need to go to my school separately and ask for them to send it to OLSAS? Any help is appreciated, thanks!
  8. Even as a third year applicant, you think so? Thanks so much for your feedback!
  9. My stats are 3.92 OLSAS cGPA and 162. I’m a third year applicant hoping to get into Osgoode, Western, Queens, Windsor or Ryerson. Should I try retaking my LSAT to try and get a higher score to maximize my chances of acceptance?
  10. Hi there! Pretty self-explanatory from title ahaha. I'm a third year applicant hoping to get into Osgoode as well as Western, Queens, Windsor and Ryerson. How do you rate my chances? I've got above-average extracurriculars (but who can know, right?) and for references I've got the head of my major's department and the dean of my university college (school works on a similar system to UofT where everyone's separated into colleges). I should be able to crank out at least a decent personal statement, I feel. Any feedback would be appreciated!
  11. Which LSAT did you write? If you wrote the August one, they're set to release the scores later this week. If it was earlier, you may need to call LSAC.
  12. When you say “new results will be cutting it close”, how “new” do you estimate would fall under that category? I wrote mine on September 5th, so I’m not sure if that’s too early or too late.
  13. Hey there, so I'm taking the August Flex on Monday (31st) and I'm scrolling through Reddit to get feedback on how the test was for the people who took it today but then it occurred to me - would I even get the same test or questions as them? I mean technically, anyone could just call up their buddy taking the test on one of the later August dates and tell them what questions were gonna be on there, but on the other hand, would it be equitable to have tests of, in all likelihood, varying difficulty and thereby putting some people at more of an advantage than others? I'm not sure. So for anyone who's taken any of the previous Flexes and knows for sure, if you could drop your experience here that would be great! Thanks so much!
  14. Hi Ryn! Do law schools consider the levels (eg. First year, second year, etc) of the courses you took when applying? For example, if you took 4 first year courses and 6 second/third year courses in your second year, would they draw an adverse inference because of the 4 first year courses in there (even if you scored approx as high in the second/third year courses, just less 5% on average [89% average for the 6 2/3y courses and 94% for the four first year courses])? For reference, these are the levels of the courses I took in each year (I’m the third year applicant from 2ish posts ago) - First - 9 first year, 1 second year (scored just as high in the second year as the first years) Second - 4 first year, 6 second/third year (again, 94% av for the first year courses vs 89% for the 2/3y’s; I got two courses in the low 80s that really screwed me over haha) Third (upcoming year) - 1 second year, 9 third/fourth year courses. Also, second quick question - for them, is there a difference between third and fourth year courses (seeing as they’re both upper year)? Thanks!
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