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  1. It’s worth a try! The worst they can say is no and you’d be no worse off in terms of options than you are now. Maybe someone else in this forum has had experience with this problem and can speak to it more, I’m sure this can’t be the first time someone’s needed an extension on the LSAT requirement. Good luck!
  2. Same 😂 I got into Queen's today and I was like "omg is this day about to get even better???" haha NOPE 🤣
  3. I’m not sure if it’s a certain number of “classes” per se, because I’m pretty sure different schools have different systems of how many credits to a class, and how many classes constitute a full load, etc.
  4. Ideally you would find out how 90 credits translates to your school’s credit system. Does it specify next to the 90 credits how many years/semesters is needed? Usually it’s minimum 3 years.
  5. Accepted! Got the email. cGPA/L2: 3.93 LSAT: 162 Third year applicant
  6. I was actually thinking the same thing today, I’m probably gonna go cold turkey and log off tonight.
  7. If this ain’t it!! This is exactly how I feel. I don’t know whether it’s that the order of acceptances is completely arbitrary or that I’ve just been passed over/haven’t been evaluated yet/rejected already, and I hate not knowing. I wish we would all find out on like, one or two preset days, instead of this slow burn of seeing people get in and you haven’t heard a thing yet.
  8. It is accurate, but only to an extent. It probably works best if you’re applying as a general admission student (ie. not access, mature, etc) with no anomalies (eg. Out-of-this-world ECs). The predictor can only make predictions with the stats you give it, and doesn’t consider soft factors like access claims, ECs, mature student profiles, etc. Because of this, you can have applicants like the one above get into a bunch of schools despite having stats that are “highly unlikely” - it’s possible that they had other considerations like the ones I mentioned above that seemed to be of more weight in the admissions process than their stats were.
  9. Yeah I’m pretty sure they were due on Nov 1 for Ontario, but OP may be in a different province/applying to a school where they have a later submission date. I usually give 6 weeks for references, and set a pre-arranged date for them to submit the letter that’s usually a few days before the general deadline, to allow time to fix any hiccups that may occur at the last minute.
  10. On your OLSAS application you need to specify whether you’ve attended a JD program in the past, so you definitely won’t be able to hide it. If you’re set on going back to school, maybe try an LLM? Another JD is not the way to go. You could also always try moving away from Toronto, there are tons of opportunities in Northern Ontario and other provinces.
  11. I think what @Pastrey is thinking of is the writing sample, because there’s no live proctor you need to upload a photo of an ID there. For the test itself, it’ll be live. Either way, I don’t see why an OHIP card wouldn’t be accepted.
  12. I’m pretty sure I did (it was either that or my driver’s license). As long as a name, DOB and photo are present I doubt they’ll look into it too much, they know that people from all over the world are taking the LSAT so obviously they’re not going to be familiar with every piece of ID that could possibly be used by an applicant. Who knows, if you have a more experienced proctor they might have already seen a dozen people who used Canadian provincial health cards before you, haha. Worst comes to absolute worst, the proctor is on a live chat with you so they’ll tell you to get another piece of ID quickly.
  13. How can we believe you? Satan is a master of lies, and everything he says is the opposite. (An Office joke, in case it wasn't immediately clear - was referencing your handle) 😂 In all seriousness though, I wonder whether that extension is because of COVID-19 or the rise in applicants, or perhaps both? Or maybe it's nothing at all and they've just decided to take up until the February LSAT from now on, haha. Either way, I think it's a good move for applicants, gives people more time to bring up scores when needed, especially in this tough time.
  14. I don't know if this was intentional but you posted the same question twice in this forum haha 😂 a mod will probably be along to remove one of them soon. As for chances, the rise in the amount of applicants doesn't always necessarily mean that the quality of applicants have risen as well, so you might still be okay. I'd aim to get above a 160 to strengthen your chances as much as possible, your L2 is great so that'll definitely help you.
  15. I thought they only accepted up to the January LSAT?
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