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  1. I have the exact same GPA as you with a 168 LSAT and also applied access. I received a few offers so I definitely think you are competitive for Queen's and Western at least. That being said, I have noticed that this cycle is a strange one with the influx of applications. I have friends with higher LSATs/GPAs that haven't heard back from schools that gave me offers and vice versa. I'd be pretty surprised if you didn't receive at least one offer, but again with access, it really depends on your situation. For me, I know my personal statement was really strong so that probably helped. If you application is well-rounded, I think you should have a shot! As for admissions, with the deadline coming up, I think most schools will wait until after April 1 for the next round.
  2. Accepted today via email! CGPA: 3.39 LSAT: 168 (Jan flex) Will be declining!
  3. I think you'll be fine! I dropped a course last semester and I still got in (it was after the Nov 1 deadline). Also, unless you're in third year, the acceptance doesn't have any requirements.
  4. Yes! I wrote the January LSAT and received an acceptance about a week after scores released. They got them the week after the release date
  5. Does anyone know if there are any conditions for the JD offers (GPA, etc.). I'm a fourth year applicant but I can't find anything in the email or on the website.
  6. Accepted today!!! I applied access but I don't know if they put me in general. B2: 3.71 CGPA: 3.39 LSAT: 168 (Jan 2021 Flex) Can't believe this is happening!! Good luck to everyone still waiting
  7. Do you think I'll be okay if they transfer me into the general category?
  8. cGPA: 3.39 B2: 3.71 (I also got a 3.93 of my fall semester of my last year but not sure how that factors in) LSAT: 153, 155, 168 (Jan flex) I think my EC are okay - I worked at a sister seven law firm for two summers, student council at school, help a non-profit with policy writing Side note: I applied access but not too sure if I'll qualify - I had a serious head injury in first year so I gave them documentation and I also pay for school myself. However, please let me know my chances in the general category, as I said I don't know if I qualify for access. [mod edit: topics merged, this post and next two refer to Queen's specifically. -WJ]
  9. Hi there, Can anyone help me calculate my UBC GPA? The instructions on the website are confusing and I'm trying to see if my GPA is competitive enough to apply for next cycle
  10. So did you just do bullet points? And for the description basically just copy what was on your resume?
  11. Hi everyone, Just looking for some clarification on the application. For the descriptions for employment and community engagement - did you write sentences or bullet points? It kind of seems like they want to write out our resume.
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