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  1. So it wasn't difficult than usual? A lot of ppl were saying they'd make the LSAT flex a lot more difficult than the regular.
  2. Fair - and based off my stats what would you say ?
  3. I think that you are right and I guess it all depends on a person to person basis or case by case analysis. As each story and individual is different it can be hard to see if they have a chance. Id like to stop the conversation here and redraw everyones attention back to my INITAL POST and QUESTION pls - as to whether or not I have a chance considering my stats provided above. Thank you.
  4. You didnt get accepted. Damn. Can I know why ? And did you reapply for this year? What was the response if u did?
  5. Wow I did NOT expect such a great amount of response but thank you everyone for your wonderful input!
  6. Question: Ive read on various posts and heard from many people stating that because of Covid and the LSAT flex more students are going to be applying which means more competition? What is your say or opinion on the matter?
  7. Congratulations!! Can I ask the following pls: - are u in province student? or out of province? - CGPA (without drops) and last two years ? - Access or general (if they have access) Thank you and I wish you all the very best in your first year of law!!
  8. do you have to do extra hmwk as well (like on ur own time) ? Did you go up in ur score and if so what did u start and end off with ?
  9. im assuming they meant the higher the better. And a 165 above is a solid guarantee with my L2 being strong. But I think as long as hit the 160 mark I should be okay.
  10. Thank you so much!! I appreciate that a whole ton! That is exactly my mentality. I am pretty confident in this exam and because some ppl lower scores doesnt necessarily mean I will too. So I am going in with confidence and lots of practice/studying that I have done. This is so kind of you to say this and this made my day! Def made me feel a lot better and less anxious! ❤️ (I am not one for hearts on a public forum but your response was just the kindest and encouraging one so far). Thank you!!
  11. Did you hear back from any other laws schools?
  12. Hi thank you for the very informative reply. I appreciate everyones kind words and honest truth. I know you are all trying to inform me on how I should be careful with the LSAT and not to undermine it. I acknowledge and accept that. I will take what you have said and make sure I work as hard as I can to try to score a 160 or above. Reading Comp is my weakness and knowing that Im going to try to improve it as much as I can. Thank you for sharing your stats! Did you get into any other law schools? And did you apply access or general? Also did you apply in your final year of undergrad or after graduating? Thank you!
  13. Can I ask what your stats are?
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