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  1. Missed the call earlier today but received a voicemail saying to an expect an email soon. Checked my application status and it has been changed to offer extended! CGPA: 3.82/4.33 estimated with drops LSAT: 164 Applied Nov. 30 but sent updated fall grades mid January. I would say strong PS but my ECs were definitely weak. Best of luck to those still waiting!!
  2. Sorry if I came across that I am trying to get financial aid when it is not needed. I already don't receive all the financial aid I am entitled to because my parents earn a high income although they do not contribute to my education or cost of living. If paying my OSAP loan is the best way to go about it that sounds fine. It just doesn't seem right to me that I could take my 15k, spend it frivolously and receive more financial aid. I have 37k in debt already and may have to tack on over 100k to fund myself through law school. I don't want to deceive anyone or do anything fraudulent but I want to put myself in the best financial situation that I can while still acting honestly. I think "should I move my money" would have been a much better wording.
  3. Hi everyone, Sorry if the title was somewhat confusing. I completed my undergrad last semester and have around $15000 in my chequing account, most of which is saved from some of the OSAP and CERB that I received last year. I have around 37k in OSAP loans and I think I will have to make two payments of around $400 in July and August once my grace period expires. I fully support my own education so I will be applying to any bursaries that I can. I am concerned that the money in my account may lower the bursaries I receive. How could I best move my money to prevent this? My living expenses right now are quite low at around $500 a month and I do not have to pay rent during the lockdown until I find a job. Besides withdrawing $15000 and putting it in a safe or spending it all on stuff that I don't need, how would you advise that I best manage my savings in this time before law school? Thank you so much for any advice you can provide! -futurebirdlawyer
  4. Hi everyone, Today I received the last of the grades that I was waiting for on my transcript. However at my school (UofT) the course averages have not been posted. I am not sure if the transcript is complete enough to submit to OLSAS. Do I wait for the averages or just send in the transcript now with my letter and numerical grades? Also, since I completed my undergrad last semester but I am not graduating until June, do I mark myself as currently enrolled on the transcript submission? Thank you to anyone that can help! -futurebirdlawyer
  5. One of you recommended I call in to ask and I did! She said they take a while to get through the emails and about 30 minutes after my call, I got a reply to my email stating they had received it. This thread can be locked/deleted now (not sure how to do that lol) or left up for other people that have the same questions.
  6. Good Afternoon Everyone! I messed up a bit when I submitted my application on November 30th and didn't upload an unofficial transcript at the time. I saw the Jan 15th deadline and figured I was supposed to wait for fall grades. Anyway, I sent admissions my unofficial transcript last Friday and haven't gotten a reply since. For reference, I emailed her about 2 weeks ago because of a discrepancy between my legal name and the name of my transcript (UofT spelled my middle name incorrectly). She replied to this email about 2 days later. Of course I'm here stressing like everyone else and praying that I somehow get an early acceptance even though I submitted my app on the deadline. Should I send a follow up e-mail to ensure they got my transcript or should I give them more time. Probably just overthinking things but if you could let me know what you think is my best course of action, that would be awesome!
  7. I think they consider the whole semester in that case. Im in a similar boat to you since i didn't take full semesters and my l2 now dips into my 2nd semester of my 2nd year which was hot garbage besides one or two courses. Hoping my last semester this fall replaces that old semester. Either way from what you quoted I think they will consider the entire semester. We define your last 2 years of university as your last 20 semestered courses for which you were assigned grades. (One year-long course counts as 2 semestered courses.) Summer terms are included. However, courses for which you received a Pass or Credit are not included, and we will not break up semesters.
  8. Looks like my NCR in 1st year got counted as an F for 1 full credit. Drops my cgpa to 3.43 from 3.63 unfortunately. Makes my uptrend look better haha so i have that to look forward to. Hope I'm still fine with a 3.8 L2/B3 and 164.
  9. Hi everyone, I think I messed up a bit while completing my application and did not upload an official or unofficial transcript. I found this on the application page but was a little confused: If you did NOT upload your unofficial transcripts or other required documents to your application prior to submitting, please ensure you email them to [email protected] or mail to the address listed below, as we require them to complete your application. If you have courses currently in progress for the fall semester (September to December), please submit your unofficial transcript once ALL of your fall final grades are available. Official transcripts will be required upon acceptance of an offer of admission to UVic Law. I am currently in my final semester of undergrad. I wasn't sure if this email was saying that I should: 1. Send an unofficial transcript from the beginning of my undergrad to September 2020 and then submit an updated one in Jan. OR 2. Wait until I get my completed Jan transcript to upload. I submitted my application on the deadline so I'm not expecting to get an early acceptance anyway. I just wanted to make sure when I need to get my transcript in. Considering the deadline is January 15, I'm a little worried my university won't have the fall transcripts updated by that time. Thank you to anyone who can help! -futurebirdlawyer
  10. Thanks for the reply! I feel that my UBC personal statement is pretty good. Knowing that I am likely getting into Uvic though makes me less concerned about getting into UBC so I probably won't retake. Funnily enough I did email both of them about the issue. Both of them I think automatically assumed I was talking about CR/NCR during covid and sent me their automated information about it which was basically what you quoted from their websites. They didn't seem to notice that I specifically said the year I got NCR (2017) and asked how it would be interpreted outside of covid. My name is a reference to It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, a comedy show with some funny vaguely law related episodes. LegalEagle on Youtube does a great reaction to them you should check it out.
  11. I was just wondering how much it would affect my application. For example, if someone had like 3.7 L2 163 LSAT but better ECs/course load than me would they be more likely to get in? Even if that person's ECs were just average.
  12. Thanks for the reply, not only on this post but my other ones too. Do you have any idea how my NCR, part time course loads, and lack of softs will affect me?
  13. Sorry if this has been answered. Does this mean 11:59 tomorrow dec 1st? or tonight at midnight?
  14. Hi all, Although I have asked before for my chances, I would really appreciate some perspective now that I have a good idea what my final grades will be. I am in my final semester and a good 60-80% of my course content has been completed and graded. Like many of us, I am also concerned about the possibility of a more competitive application cycle but not sure how legitimate those concerns are. I have applied to Osgoode, UOttawa, Western, and UofT so far. I will be completing my Uvic, UBC and Calgary applications today. Everything is OLSAS converted unless noted. UBC/UVic Gpas are without drops since I got an NCR in 1st year and not sure how they would take that into account. LSAT: 164 (89th percentile) I got this score back in August. I was PTing 168-169 on average but I think that due to anxiety and what I felt like a harder RC section (probably just seemed that way due to my anxiety) I got a 164. I think I could reasonably study to be in 168-170 range by January but not sure if I can guarantee that I will match that performance on the test. As I already have a decent although not amazing score, I am unsure if trying again is worth the $300+. I pay for almost all of my education myself and will be paying myself through law school so every little amount counts. I already have somewhere between 30-40k in debt. Stats (most likely case but also erring a little on the side of caution) CGPA: 3.64/3.65 L2: 3.79/3.80 B3: 3.80/3.81 UBC GPA: 83.32 (84.31 with the drops the calculator assumed) UBC Index: 91.48 (91.74 with 84.31GPA) UVic GPA: 3.76 UVic Index: 915 There are some other things to consider about my application. Most of my semesters I only took 4 courses so I was still full time but at 80% course load. I think i was full time about 4/9 semesters but only 2 of those were good. I have very few extracurriculars/softs. I think I only had four verifiers, two of which were awards and the other two were employers that I had during my university summers. I also worked for one of them part time during my 4th year. I also have an NCR in a first year class, meaning that I failed and didn't get the credit but no score is on my transcript and it does not impact my CGPA. I have a massive uptrend since then so I am not sure if that matters at all but I wanted to mention it. The places I think it will matter the most are UBC/Uvic as it might influence which courses they choose to drop. My undergrad was at UofT if that is relevant. I think my PS were pretty good but nothing extraordinary. Right now I most want to go to UBC or UVic but would be happy with most of my other schools. Ottawa is the one I want to go to the least but that is mostly because of the weather. If you guys can chance me but also give me perspective on whether I should take the LSAT again I would be extremely grateful. -futurebirdlawyer
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